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  • Usage of the A-10A's targeting system


    Made by @Barcuck Osama


    The A-10A (RHS) is quite different from the Vanilla A-164 (or A-10D with ACE). Offering a more realistic depiction of the A-10 target acquisition system, it can be confusing the those using it for the first time. This guide aims to explain why it works the way it does, and how to use it.

    Basically: the A-10A does not have a targeting pod.
    You can still pretend you have one. Using your "Targeting camera" keybind (default: LCtrl + RMB) your camera will move to the television monitor to the right of your climb and altitude indicators.


    If you press "N", the monitor will switch to a thermal image. This acts similar to most fixed-wing targeting pod cameras: you can move the view around (through a limited angle), zoom in and out, and lock the turret onto vehicles and terrain.
    This image is the direct video feed from the IIR seeker of an AGM-65D loaded on one of your pylons. Naturally, this means you won't get any video feed if you don't have at least one Maverick loaded.

    Now you know how the A-10A video feed works. What difference does this make to its usage?

    For one, this means that you won't see shit once you use your last Maverick, and that you can only get a thermal image - not NV or VIS.
    More importantly, it means:

    1. You need to manually guide the seeker onto the target before being able to engage it.
    2. You cannot cycle targets - you must use the "Lock target" keybind (default "T" but this is overwritten by TFAR. Bind it to something else or rebind the TFAR "SW transmit additional" keybind. The "Lase range" keybind may also cause issues. Figure it out).
    Because the "Lock target" function selects the target in the center of your screen, you need to be in the seeker view, with the seeker stabilized on the target, when you lock it. If the seeker is facing forwards, you can just lock looking through your HUD.

    So, the process:
    1. Enter the television monitor view. (keybind: Common -> "Targeting Camera")
    2. Activate the IIR seeker. (keybind: Common -> "Night Vision")
    3. Slew the seeker head onto a target and stabilize it. (keybind: Weapons -> "Stabilize Turret")
    4. Lock the weapon onto the target. (keybind: Weapons -> "Lock Target")
    5. Maneuver into position and fire.


    You can also slew the IIR seeker without entering its view. You need to bind your User Action 15 - 18 keys for this (found under "Custom Controls").

    On the A-10A HUD, there is a cross showing the position of the Maverick's IIR seeker view. If you have visual on a target from your cockpit, you can use the user actions to slew the seeker head onto the target without entering the TV monitor view.
    User action 15: Left.
    User action 16: Right.
    User action 17: Up.
    User action 18: Down.


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