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    Armour Training System



    Armor training system will be of two types:

    • Separate training for each role 
    • Combined training for crew

    Separate training courses will contain:

    Driver: positioning at the location, basic movement orders, surmounting obstacles, tight space maneuvering, driver countermeasures

    Gunner: weapon control, rules of engagement, types of ammo, gunner countermeasures, basic gunner-commander communication

    Commander: position choice, commander countermeasures, navigation, commander-RTO/PLT comms

    Crew training course is mostly to consolidate the knowledge and training of crew communication. 


    Evaluation can be taken at any moment if trainee feels confident enough to take it. Participation in training will only increase a chance of success in the evaluation.

    Evaluation is allowed only for Regular+ member of the community.

    Evaluations will be done step by step - so if you need to get a Commander tag, you need to pass Driver and Gunner evaluation.

    Evaluation process:

    1. Fill up examinee application form to be put on the waiting list
    2. Take an eval (3 variants)
      • Request an eval from a trainer
      • Be approached by a trainer
      • Take part in the evaluation event
    3. Get tags
    4. Fill up the application for the next tag to be put on the waiting list
    5. ????????
    6. ????????
    7. PROFIT

    Link to the examinee application form

    • ATTENTION! Do not spam applications through the form, one time is more than enough.
    • Do not fill up an application for the next tag if you haven't got the previous one.

    Evaluation requirements:


    • Driver eval should be done on both REDFOR and BLUFOR vehicles
    • 1 evaluations set up on off-hours at the Tank Training polygon.
    • Driver eval includes amphibious vehicles


    • Gunner eval should be done on both REDFOR and BLUFOR vehicles
    • Gunner eval is to be done only on the tanks.
    • 2 evaluations (there are two variants)
      • 1 set up on off-hours at the Tank Training polygon (REDFOR/BLUFOR vics) and 1 main mission eval on any tank
      • 2 main mission evals (1x OPFOR tank/1x BLUFOR tank)


    • Commander eval should be done on both REDFOR and BLUFOR vehicles
    • Commander eval is to be done only on the tanks.
    • 2 evaluations; main mission only.

    Rules and Penalties:

    • Evaluations for Gunner and Commander could be reduced to one if the exceptional skill has been demonstrated.
    • An examinee might pass an evaluation with being put on probation. Probation term is 2 month.
    • Examinees will be able to take both off-hours evaluation and Main mission evaluation in one day if possible. If failed - cooldown will be 3 days.
    • There will be a penalty in case of failed evaluation: 3 days in case of off-hours evaluation, 1 mission in case of main mission evaluation.
    • Major fuck-up on the mission and complaints from your crew may entail demoting to the previous rank with probation period and necessity of passing eval for the next rank again.

    Criteria for evaluation:


    • Vehicle knowledge
    • Accuracy of maneuvers
    • Control of vehicle dimensions
    • Accuracy and speed of order's execution
    • A precision of crew comms


    • Weaponry knowledge
      • Ammo types
      • Usage of different ammo types
      • Weaponry capabilities 
    • Target identification
    • Situational awareness
    • Speed and accuracy of engagement
    • Accuracy and speed of order's execution
    • A precision of crew comms


    • The positioning of the asset
    • Quality of orders
    • Quality of comms
    • Situational awareness
    • Knowledge of asset capabilities


    Armor Training Discord


    OPFOR Tanks Fire Control Systems


    OPFOR APC Guide

    OPFOR IFV Guide 

    OPFOR Tanks Guide


    BLUFOR Tanks Fire Control Systems


    BLUFOR APC Guide

    BLUFOR IFV Guide 

    BLUFOR Tanks Guide

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