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  • Attack Helicopter Communications for Air Strikes


    During the process of reworking the crewchief eval system we (RW trainers and FAC trainers) took a look at the current systems and ways we are flying, attacking and communicating.

    We have come to the conclusion that we are dropping the 6 line system from the list of required things to get RW tags (pilot and crewchief).
    We are instead replacing it with a more relaxed, more fun and (for experienced people) more efficient way of dealing with such comms.
    The 6 line system was only ever used during evals and rarely during actual missions.

    First of all this will no longer be a must do type of rule set but rather a this is what works and most tag holders are currently using type of suggestion. Also keep in mind that we are not banning the usage of the 6 line system. We are just removing it's requirement. If you feel like you want to still use the 6 line system, simply tell the FAC and continue as normal.

    Instead of starting with a formal request by the FAC, you will be  told everything you need to know for the strike after getting called by FAC.

    As an example:

    • FAC: RPTR 1-1 this is FAC.
    • RPTR: Send it.
    • FAC: We got 1x BTR-80A at marker XB-4, 150m NE of Bravo actual. Deal with them how ever you like!

    This would normally be followed by one of three things:

    • RPTR will copy his request.
    • Read back if he isn't 100% sure (or the FAC requests a readback from him).
    • Ask the FAC to repeat the order.

    As you might see it's now pretty much an informal 4 line system:

    • What?
      • 1x BTR
      • 3x T72
      • ...
    • Where?
      • marker XZ-1
      • 100m NE of Alpha actual marker
      • somewhere in X area
      • ...
    • How?
      • Guns only
      • Hellfires only
      • FFARs only
      • At crews discretion
      • ...
    • Friendlies?
      • Nowhere close
      • far north
      • 100m SW
      • danger close 
      • directly on top of them
      • ...


    Looking back at our example from earlier everything is present

    • What: 1x BTR-80A 
    • Where: marker XB-4
    • How: how ever you like
    • Friendlies: 150m NE of Bravo actual


    If you are dealing with something special (like hellfires) additional information is sometimes required:

    • ACE Lasercodes
    • If the FAC wants a specific battle-point

    In short: What, Where, How, Friendlies.

    The most important thing is, before you even take off you HAVE to talk to your FAC and make sure you both agree on using a specific system.
    If you are experienced and know who your FAC is, you can skip that part most of the time.
    For example take a look at @Tomo as my FAC and me in a helicopter doing CAS stuff. We never speak about how we are doing it and it still works great. This all comes from experience and working together. Hence this new system, which is just a formalized version of what we use.



    On updates on how the"new"  crewchief eval works, keep an eye on the Rotary Wing Training thread. We will post updates in that thread.


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