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  • How to call in Air Support


    You're on the ground getting hammered by something. The Squad has sustained injuries and you have no way to deal with the threat. You now need Close-Air-Support (CAS) to help you out.

    I'll give you a quick outline on how to make sure CAS hits the right target and no friendlies. This will also ensure Comms are handled quick and efficient so CAS can get in to help you quickly. 

    "FAC, this is Alpha, Requesting CAS, Over" === Making the Warning Call: This ensures FAC knows what's coming, takes her*his time and listens to you closely.
    "This is FAC, Send it, Over" 
    "FAC, Alpha has a BTR 200m N of Actual marker; Friendly position marked blue smoke, Over" === Informing FAC of Target, Target Position, Friendlie's Position, Mark of Friendlie's position
    "Alpha copy that, BTR 200m N, Blue Smoke is friendly, ETA 2 mikes, Over" === FAC confirms information and gives a rough ETA
    "Copy that, 2 mikes, Out"


    The most important Information FAC needs are the following

    • Target Description (BTR)
    • Target Position (200m N of A Actual)
    • Friendly Position (A Actual)
    • Friendly Marker (Blue Smoke)

    Examples for the above (Warning Call and answer has been made, we're now on the information part):

    "FAC, Enemy Infantry out in the open between the Treeline and the Blue smoke, Blue smoke is friendly, Over"
    "FAC, Enemy MBT right on top of us, Red building, Green roof, Danger Close, Danger Close, Over"


    if you have something to say about this, feel free to comment and I will incorporate it.

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