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  • Squad Lead Initial Briefing Considerations

    Monocled Badger

    Table of Contents
    1. Briefing Questions
    2. Considerations
    3. Squad Briefing
    4. Post Squad Briefing
    5. Change log

    1. Briefing Questions
    So during the Zeus's Briefing to Platoon with Squad Leads and Asset Leads in attendance, there are various questions that should be asked and considerations and choices we take away from it to help us execute the mission plan to the best of our ability

    1. OPFOR: Who are we fighting? Usually this is generic but can help with PID (Are they armed with AK style Weapons, NATO Style weapons, generic uniforms ideas etc)
    2. BLUFOR:  Any friendly forces in the AO we need to be aware of?
    3. OPFOR Armor: What are we facing up to? If just "Present", “Unknown” or some form of those, assume the heaviest in turns of OPFORs arsenal, it's always better to be over prepared than under prepared 
    4. OPFOR Air: Same as above
    5. OPFOR Artillery: Same as Above
    6. Civilian Presence: Do you need to Limit my fire missions from assets and be mindful of explosives from your squad?
    7. Mines/IEDs: Do you need to bring Defusal Kits or Mine Detectors? If you are moving in a convoy or between any dismount points do you need to slow your Vehicles while moving to keep an eye for Traps etc. Also be mindful this could lead to Tripwires in doorways/Forests and such. Mines and IEDs take many forms.
    8. Respawns/Resupplies: How are you getting your Squad and Equipment back, How conservative do you need to be as a result.
    9. Vehicles: What ones are you getting? If you are splitting up your squad between multiple you ideally want to keep your command elements separate in Case the lead Vic gets hit, the squad can carry on. Split by getting your 2ICs Team and Medic in the Rear Vic and yourself and the other team in the front Vic.

    Have a hard copy of these somewhere for quick reference that you can relate back to during your squad briefing or during the mission. Shorthand notes in Group Chat on the bottom of the map are helpful as your entire squad can see them, alternatively for just your yourself you can use the 9Liners & Notepad mod and keep the information there, or on a Notepad app on your Desktop or even more realistic - an actual notepad on your desk in person.

    2. Considerations
    After that, look at the information you may or may not have been given from Zeus as well as the Plan Platoon comes up with. With that in mind - consider the following:

    1. AT: Will you be in a position to use MAT, or is the hostile assets light enough LAT can be used. How much do you need to move - weight is a concern. Also what supporting Assets do we have? If a lot of Heavy Armor, You can probably forgo MAT and bring LAT as the Tanks and such can engage the Heavier things.
    2. DMR: Am you taking Overwatch positions or supporting often, or are you in CQC/Town clearing. If the former, DMR will be helpful. If the latter, DMR is less useful.
    3. Extra Equipment: If Vehicles are the main way of transporting - you'll need to make sure yourself and/or Team Leads take toolkits to both Repair my Vehicle and other Squads if needed. Mines/IEDs/Explosives Present? Defusal Kits will be needed to ensure we can handle them safely. 
    4. Additional Comms: Do you need to set an additional? What Squad(s) are you working with in the AO that you need constant comms with to avoid cluttering 69 (Platoon Net). If so this needs to be agreed with the other Squad Leads and tested before going through. Also check your 2IC is aware of this. What are the other squads additionals if you move from one AO to another

    3. Squad Briefing 
    Once you have all this (Typically by the end of Platoon Brief), go back to your squad and relay the plan. What you are doing, how you are approaching it. Key things to look out for etc.

    1. Cover the notes from the above - Ensuring they are aware of what we are against in terms of Armor, Air, Arty etc.
    2. Check the Equipment requests have been complied with, ensure the AT is up to count and you are aware of the Operators. Ensuring your AT Fireteam isn't building clearing when a Tank rolls down the road into the AO is important. 
    3. After that,  open up for questions, usually clarifications about approaches, Possibly better ways of doing the Squad plan as someone may have seen something you missed or have a different approach that could work, as well as re-covering anything you stated before for those who haven't heard it in terms of Equipment to bring, Hostile Assets to expect etc.

    4. Post Squad Briefing

    1. After all questions have been dealt with and information is relayed, Check in with Platoon "Platoon this is Alpha, Briefed and Ready to step off at this time" for example.
    2. Check the Additional Channel if it has been set up (Are the other squads acknowledging the comm check, does your 2IC hear it).
    3. Do a Short Range check. This ensures everyone has a Radio and is set to the right channel and there are no In Game or out of game issues with Comms,

    5. Change log
    v1.2 23/05/2020  - Added in Consideration for BLUFOR in the area
    v1.1 18/05/2020  - Formatting, Structure and Pronoun changes
    v1.0 - 18/05/2020 - Initial Posting

    Edited by Monocled Badger

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