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    Checklist: Is your mission ready to be uploaded?


    After two of my missions fucked itself, I made myself a checklist that i go through to make sure my mission is ready to be uploaded. If other mission makers have anything to add feel free to post it under this post and I will add it :D

    Inside the Editor:

    • check every object that you placed if its on the ground or floating in the air
    • Ai's are placed in the right spot (not floating or clipping in a wall)
    • triggers you placed are activating like you want them too
    • make sure to not place more than 100ish Ai's, if you want to place more use triggers and game logics 
    • make sure the AI is shooting players
    • objects you placed suit the area and time (e.g dont place futuristic tanks everywhere if its a USA vs russia mission) 
    • load your mission with ONLY the repo mods
    • Optional: if you want to make sure the mission can be played by people who dont have tanoa, check for objects with the tanoa icon and delete them


    Inside the scripts:

    • respawn is set to the time you want and works ingame 
    • loadout scipt works (everyone gets the same uniform and has ammo)
    • everyone has the same longrange/shortrange
    • briefing works and has no spelling mistakes
    • AI loadout works
    • Make sure that ALL of the group markers are working

    Edited by Sarissa

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