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    Ban Guidelines


    Ban Guidelines

    The following image shows the most up to date ban guidelines that need to be followed by all staff members.


    These are only the most general cases; staff members will discuss any other case according to the rules.

    Moderated content restrictions apply to the following infractions without any additional discussion:

    • Spam - 1 week (As dictated by the ban guideline)
    • Obscenely drunk - 10 hours (for the length of the ban)
    • Toxic behavior - 1 week minimum (for the length of the ban)
    • Inappropriate content - 1 week (for the length of the ban)

    For any other infractions, moderated content should be considered as a case by case; for example if the person received a ban demonstrates hostile behavior in regards to other members of the community. Moderated content applies to the whole length of the ban and should be lifted if the ban was lifted after a dispute.


    If you are accused of breaking a rule and evidence supports this claim, you will be banned. If you can present evidence proving your innocence, the ban will be immediately lifted and warning points revoked.


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