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    FK Event Rules


     FK Event Rules

    Types of possible Mission Events

    Arma 3 mission events that can be rolled on FK servers are classified as follows:

    1. Server
      1. FK Main [FK#1]
      2. FK Aux [FK#3/4/5]
    2. Modset
      1. FK Main Modset
      2. Custom Modset
    3. Type of the mission
      1. Zeus Mission
      2. Scripted Mission
    4. Type of the template (For Zeus Missions)
      1. FK Main Template
      2. Custom Template
    5. Time bracket
      1. Main Mission 
      2. Off-hours Mission

    Explanation on Timebrackets:
    The time bracket of the 1st Main Mission is 7 PM-9 PM UK Time, 2nd Main Mission — 9 PM - 11 PM UK Time.
    In special cases, an event may take both times brackets if it is dictated by the nature of the mission.
    Any Zeused event requested for the main mission time bracket is considered a Main mission Event and should be treated as such. All other types of missions or gamemodes, running in parallel with it are considered Off-hours missions. In special cases CM team may decide on the status of the event and how it should be treated.

    Server Limitations:
    FK Main [FK#1] server is running only FK Main Modset and only FK Main Templates for Zeus Missions.  

    Who is allowed to create an event?

    Any member of the community is allowed create a mission event with following limitation:

    • Only Zeus tagholders are allowed to run zeused event in 1st Main Mission timebracket alone.
    • Non-tagholders to host 1st main zeused event have to take at least one co-zeus, preferably a tagholder. 

    The Requirements

    1. A Zeused mission has a massively different slotting layout than usual, to the point that it requires extra time to figure out which slot will be used for what. The Zeus should also provide info to the CMs as to what their plan for slotting is. Examples of this are:
      • Two platoons with assets that require extra communication.  (I.E. Company level Operations)
      • Having an armour only platoon. e.g squads consisting fully of vehicle crews.
      • Multi-lingual platoon.
      • Missions that require a change of the Medical System (i.e. MEDEVAC).
    2. Heavily themed/restricted missions. Restrictions are anything that one can not enforce as a normal Zeus within available restriction points. 
      This also includes Linked Missions where assets & situation are carried over between the missions. (I.E. Campaigns)
      It further includes Missions where the Zeus would not be able to apply all of their restrictions due to a lack of available restriction points.
    3. Mission gameplay differs from the regular FK layout (different modset/gamemode/mission composition)
    4. Mission has a PvP or TvT aspect. This includes PvPvE missions where amount of OPFOR players exceeds 3.
    5. You have to provide a briefing with objectives and the assets used by friendly forces (including infantry Squads). A Screenshot of the map is optional but nice. 

    If one of these criteria gets met, it is one step closer to being accepted. Mission approval team may request you to provide additional information or request you alter the event slightly to comply with the rules before approval.

    RSVP and Slot Reservation

    RSVP is not allowed for Main Mission events, as we want it to be open for everyone. 
    We are also limiting the slots that are allowed to be reserved for tag/asset slots only. This restriction means that regular infantry slots cannot be made reservable. It is still up to the Zeus if they want to make slots reservable. It is not a requirement, but it is no longer allowed to make every slot in the mission reserved. (This limitation may be overruled by Mission approval or CM team in case of special community events)

    When the event can be made?

    To make sure that people can get Zeus the normal way now and then, there are a few restrictions for when calendar events are allowed to be made.

    For any week on the calendar, starting on Monday and ending on Sunday, there is a soft cap of three 1st Main calendar event missions; This includes Scripted and Zeused missions. When we have approved three 1st Main missions for the week, we may ask you to reschedule the mission. On top of that, getting a calendar event slot during main mission timebracket will put your name into the Zeus picker as if you've requested a normal mission through it. 

    Additionally there are limitations on how often a single person can run a calendar mission:

    For the main mission timeslots the following cooldown times are in place:

    • 10 days for the 1st Main timeslot
    • 7 days for the 2nd Main timeslot

    This means that if you requested a calendar event you can request next one only in 10 or 7 days depending on the time slot. This can be relaxed by the mission approval team on request with a good reasoning behind it.

    The procedure for Requesting Event mission

    Requesting an Event Mission:
    Unified checklist for requesting an Event is the following:
         Step 1: Request the Tech team to upload a Modset on the appropriate server.
         Step 2: Receive a confirmation that Modset is uploaded and verified by the Tech team.
         Step 3: Upload your mission file to the designated upload system. Request testing and approval from our resident mission testers.
         Step 4: Receive a confirmation that mission file is tested and uploaded to the server
         Step 5: Create an event on the calendar, using “Mission Planner” tag and request approval from the CM Team calendar mission checkers
         Step 6: Receive a confirmation that the event is approved and visible on the calendar.

    Any of the steps cannot be skipped unless they are fulfilled by default (i.e: event with custom modpack created on the calendar won’t be approved by the CM Team before Techs verify the modpack and mission file)  

    Bobby wants to run an Event with FK modset and FK template. Since modset and mission files are already on the server and tested a while ago, he can just proceed to Step 5 and create an event on the calendar.

    General rules of Event Request:
    The event should be approved and visible for the community 3 days prior to the event date.
    The event creator is one of the main persons to ensure the event is approved in time. Don’t be shy to prod staff on the state of your modset/mission file/event approval state.

    In the case of rescheduling or cancellation of the event make sure to notify the staff about it first. 

    The procedure for Executing Event mission

    Main mission event:
    A calendar event is set using “Mission planner” tag
    Event Creator’s name is to be put into Zeus picker in the appropriate time slot
    The mission is starting in “Main mission Room” on TS

    If non-standard modset is used for the 2nd mission/event, the staff is not required to pull people through, the event creator is.

    Off-hours event:
    Event is set using “Community event” tag
    The mission is starting in “Off-hours/Side Missions Room”

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