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    A Welcome to our new Community Managers


    Please give a warm welcome to @Tomoand @Legendoas our new Community Managers. We had a short interview with them to give them a chance to introduce themselves to you, which you can read in this article below. Don't forget to leave a comment and congratulate them on their new positions.


    Tomo, FK's Resident Tag Collector now has one of the highest tags there is, except Server Admin! He's been with us since 2017 and a veteran since 2018. Having put in a lot to this community he's taking a step up from veteran and is joining the Community Managers.

    Hi Tomo, can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

    "Hey FK! If you don't know me, I'm Tomo and I'm 25 and from Wales (fluent in Welsh too!). I joined FK in March 2017, after watching a number of Cyanide's streams playing here. Arma 3 was going cheap in a Humble Bundle sale at the time (Best ~£10 I ever spent), and after a few hours with friends I jumped in here and have been around almost constantly since!

    While in FK I quickly became interested in a number of roles ingame and started trying to improve at them all. This eventually lead to the ongoing meme of me having a tag in each category/discipline. I have genuine interest in each role so having them means I'm able to get priority for most all roles if they come up and I'm interested to play them. Through this I also became a trainer for 3 separate disciplines simultaneously (Platoon Leading, FAC and Zeus). I stepped away from those after some time but recently I'm back as a Platoon trainer and now as a CM I can hopefully support all trainers in their work too.

    Other than Arma I'm a big fan of a few less obvious game series, including Minecraft, Pokemon and Smash Bros. If you wanna fight me in the latter two sometime then bring it on ?"

    What can you bring to the table as a new Community Manager?

    "I believe I can bring some more technical knowledge of the inner workings of Arma to the CM team, as well as a strong drive and passion to see our missions flourish in diversity and skill.

    As a non staff member for my time here I might be able to raise or resolve issues that I believe have gone unnoticed or sidelined, instead of just bothering the CM team about them constantly!

    Also while most existing staff are plenty approachable I do hope that people will be able to come to me with issues they might not have wanted to bring to others for whatever reason. I pride myself on doing my best to improve based on constructive criticism and this is a big part of how I want to be as a CM."

    What do you look forward to the most in your new role?

    "I look forward to working closely with the rest of the staff team as true/official colleagues finally. With them I aim and hope to keep pushing FK to newer, greater heights!

    I'm also quite passionate about many Arma topics and genuinely look forward to taking a more active role in the decision making and implementation process, as it's something I enjoy! From the bottom of my heart, I am so, so grateful for this opportunity."

    If you would be the glorious ruler of FK for one day, the sole CM in charge of any decision, what new feature would you implement?

    "Remove BFT and GPS by default in missions and laugh as everyone got lost! ?"


    Legendo, who became a moderator nearly a year ago in 2019 , has shot up the ladder from regular to Community Manager! Having also been with us since 2017, he shows his love through yelling and can now direct that love to making this community even better!

    Same questions for you, Legendo, who are you, and what made you join this community?

    "Well when I first join'd it was at august 2017 from watching Cyanides stream and figured this place seems worth giving it a shot and ever since then I havent regretted that decision. Then I became a mod a year ago and spent my time the best I could to improving the community as a member of staff. "

    What can you bring to the table as a new Community Manager?

    "I like to get the job done ASAP day 1 at least with my own assignments so we wont have to many days or weeks waiting for a responds from the team. I am interacting with the community a lot which makes me easily approachable and open minded so I wouldnt brush off any requests or suggestions so dont be shy or afraid to bring it up to me. People need to be more relaxed and open to staff and they themselves. Being a mod for a year in the FK community has learned me a lot on how its run and how the members see it and hopefully I can bring a change to that."

    What do you look forward to the most in your new role?

    "Keeping the community healthy and growing as much as possible since its a really big community and it needs to be treated with care. I still am gonna be the same person when I was a mod but this time being able to move the community forward with the rest of the community members not to far behind us making it a enjoyable place to be. "

    If you would be the glorious ruler of FK for one day, the sole CM in charge of any decision, what new feature would you implement?

    "I would bring FK into space and make the members into space marines brothers."

    Do you think these guys will make a great addition to the CM team? Already have a suggestion for them? Drop it in the comments below!

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    Do you think these guys will make a great addition to the CM team?

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