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    Chuck Yeager

    Airsoft meetup - Photoshoot (part two)

    Back in July, over 40 FK members gathered in the small town of Dorking, United Kingdom, for a two day airsoft meetup. In between games, the PR team grabbed a couple of FK members aside to immortalize their presence with a picture of two. Just like our first part of this series, we asked (kidnapped) three FK powerhouse members to take a pose. Meet Fidelias, Cyanide and Sarissa.






    This is the second time you've taken part in an FK airsoft weekend, the first one being at Shellshock woods back in 2017. How would you summarize both weekends and what made you come back for a second weekend this summer?

    "Both weekends were great from a social point of view, however I felt the site and organisation of the 2019 one was much better - instead of day-long games at the 2017 meetup, we played multiple smaller games across different areas, which gave a lot more variety and a chance to have some CQB, sneaky-beaky stalking and just pitched long-range firefights at different times of the day. The site was much more 'developed' with regards to structures and layout. I came to second weekend because meeting up with people irl the first time was just great - it surprisingly didn't feel awkward at all. From the first night, it felt like it was almost that period between getting into the server and SL briefing. We just sat around, got kit sorted, chatted shit and had a laugh. Meeting a bunch of new people that I've not really interacted with (more on that later) was a real draw for the second weekend, but it was really awesome to re-connect with guys from the first meetup too."

    As a long standing FK member, did you get to know a lot of new people during this meetup?

    "While I've been part of FK for a while now, I kind of burnt out a little on Arma and stopped playing as often. Following that, I developed a chronic fatigue issue, which knocked me on my ass for the last 9 months and I stopped being online at all, pretty much. Meeting a bunch of great new people and having an awesome time kinda re-vitalised me a little, and I've made it back to Arma a couple of times since. We have some.... interesting people... in FK, and some of the things that went down at the weekend really highlighted how much this community brings together really disparate people with a common interest. I feel like the majority of the people at the meetup this year probably didn't know who I was, but I hope to re-introduce myself to the members of the community who have joined since I took my unplanned hiatus in games in the near-future. When the 2020 meetup comes around, I'm hoping to be a fixture in the community again."


    DSC00550.thumb.jpg.4f26062cc617ed643caeb92a8a320de1.jpg              DSC00567-2.thumb.jpg.efaeff4cae9352281b155b3212f8d883.jpg

    How did you get into airsoft? Was the FK 2017 meetup your first experience?

    "Yes! It was. I had always wanted to get into airsoft, and the 2017 meet was the perfect excuse."

    What's the most enjoyable memory you have of the 2019 meetup?

    "Getting absolutely smashed in Jay's Fuckfest. It got my heart pumping unlike any other airsoft game type I've ever played. Non stop action, that."

    Gear list

    "Krytac Warsport M4 is my only piece of kit. And a bunch of go-pros, ofc. #youtuberlyfe"






    Hi @Sarissa, could you talk to us about the outfit?
    "My outfit is inspired by the US troops active in Operation Gothic Serpent in Somalia, 1993. Most people think of the 75th Rangers or the Delta Force operators that were in Somalia and who have been immortalised by the film 'Black Hawk Down'. But there was another unit deployed as part of Task Force Ranger who very rarely receive any credit at all, and that is the 10th Mountain Division. These guys were actually deployed prior to TF Ranger as part of Operation Restore Hope. They were responsible for opening communication and transportation lines in and out of Mogadishu. As such, they used to roll in Humvee convoys most of the time and would occasionally ditch their Alice web gear in their vics and simply load their ballistic vests up with magazines. That's the look I went for, and instead of carrying the Alice, I just filled pockets with magazines for quick access."

    If an FK member, with zero airsoft experience, would be interested in joining the 2020 airsoft meetup, how would you convince him/her?
    "The airsoft is really a sideshow to the meetup, its much more about actually meeting the people you've spent months or years talking and gaming with. Airsoft is a fun addition, doesn't really hurt much and gives you some great stories. If you want to meet people then come to 2020! "

    gear list
    "I'm carrying an XM177E2 which was an early precursor to the M4. A few of them were still kicking around in the 90s and were sent to Somalia alongside some of the newer rifles as a testbed. I'm wearing Desert Camoflague Uniform (DCU), which is also known as Tri-Colour. The helmet is an ex-issue Kevlar PASGT with a 6 colour 'Choc-Chip' cover. The vest (that isn't too visible) is a Woodland PASGT. Gloves are the US army Nomex flight gloves, and the boots are a modern US Marine patrol boot. Actual 90's era desert boots are pretty expensive...

    This photo is an example of some of the 10th Mountain in Somalia, showing just how varied their gear could be. "



    In case you haven't seen it yet, meet three other FK members in our previous photoshoot article ⬅️



    Which of the three outfits do you enjoy the most? Comment below ?

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    So, when is this game going to release?

    Jokes aside, really nice pics, really like Fidelias 2nd one, I hope one day I can join these meetups.

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