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  • FK and BSO merge

    Vericht By Vericht, in Community News, , 34 comments, 9,790 views

    Some time ago the CM team was approached by the BSO community. Due to low numbers in their own community and after some consideration, they have offered to join our ranks. After multiple discussions, the CM team decided to accept their offer. This will mean that BSO will dissolve most of their assets into our community. However, for the transitional period, they will remain as a group of players known as BSO and will be allowed to run their events within our community.

    In the upcoming weeks, the BSO admins will set up their server box for our use.
    What the new box will provide for FK:

    • 1 server will be used to host a 24/7 persistent mission (Exile/Antistasi/I&A/etc.)
    • 1 server will be used to host missions; with either the default FK modpack for overflow missions, training, or non-FK mod packs (Unsung/OPTRE/IFA/etc.) for special missions organized by the members of the communities.
    • Other purposes can include things like a Minecraft or Space Engineers server.

    All servers on this box will operate under the FK's name and ruleset. Further information on what is gonna be running on the servers, how to request specific mods for the servers, booking procedures, and other information will be announced in a separate post.
    The server box is going to be supported by one of the BSO admins, Shadowfox, and he is willing to provide it for us free of charge.

    The BSO members have requested that we don’t give them any preferential treatment, because they don't want to upset current members of FK by getting ranks or tags on day one. They will work through our current rank and tag system like everyone else. The only people that might be "fast-tracked" are the BSO admins for the sake of organization and a smooth transition from BSO to FK.
    The CM team would like to ask all current FK members to treat BSO members with respect, as you would for any new community member. The BSO guys have a very similar mindset to us; they have already played with us and enjoyed our missions. We expect fruitful cooperation between our communities and a successful merger.
    - Fuck Knows CM Team.

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    This is pretty exciting! Having a new server box is something a lot of people have been asking for for a very long time. Either way its always nice to have new faces and BSO so far have been pretty good new faces. 


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    1 hour ago, Chuck Yeager said:

    What's this fast-tracking of the BSO admins? Will they become admins on FK? Moderators? Who will have full control of the 'acquired' servers?


    Most of that stuff is yet to be decided, will be part of the transition period.

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    Step 1: BSO 

    Step 2:??? 

    Step 3: World domination


    The great journey has begun


    Welcome aboard to our new BSO brothers and sisters. Leave your dignity and competence at the door, you won't need them. Look forward to playing with you all soon! ? 

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    This merger with FK has been in the making for weeks and we appreciate FK accepting us into the community.  Thank you Vericht for the FK/BSO merger write-up/news and to the rest of the FK team.

    @ShadowFoxis one of the founders of BSO and he is the head admim.  @Copeyand I are Shadow's assistant admin's, but Copey is uber busy with school right now so he may have difficulty getting back to people.  If anyone has any questions, concerns or comments, please direct them to myself and/or Shadow.

    As @NeilZar has mentioned, there are still quite a few technical and procedural details that still need to be worked-out.  Thank you again FK for allowing us to join your community so that we can enjoy Arma and other games with a great group of people. ?

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    @ShadowFox  @kMaN

    I do fairly regular basic training sessions here and I think you guys know how to play fairly well, but if needed I could make some more streamlined training happen this week for your guys.

    In debrief thread I saw stamina issues mentioned and combat pacing plus weight limits is one of the things I usually go through, so if you guys want a quicker session that skims through stuff like Arsenal which you probably know well enough and focuses more on FK procedures and some stuff like stamina management, etc let me know.

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    Cool to see that our community (so far) has been accepting you with open arms, and i would like to add myself to that list :) . Welcome lads!

    This doesn't really have to be said but if you have any questions regarding the tag system, calendar events, ranks, and why the fuck the FK logo is salmon colored, feel free to drop into any of our inboxes at any time. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we would love making this as accessible as possible to you lads and lasses as we would to any other member.

    I'll try and hook up in one of the mains on Wednesday or something like that, see you guys there!

    A question however; i take it that the server information page will be updated when everything is sorted out, together with the mods page? Asking out of pure fucking curiosity.

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