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  • FK & UO Joint Op - Operation ***

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    Fuck Knows has been invited by United Operations to play a couple of TvT missions. Operation *** will consist of two TvT missions where FK and UO will team up in combined platoons and have some fun. This means that each side will consist of both FK and UO members, working together to defeat the other side. 


    Both missions will take place on Chernarus, but they are not related. The first mission has 58 slots reserved for FK; the second mission has 53 slots reserved for FK. These are the slots that are reserved for FK. Anyone that is not able to get a slot reserved for them can still try and get a slot on the day. Any slots open on the day will be divided among the people that show up.

    Tags are enforced for all slots, meaning that anyone asking for those slots without tags will not get the reservation. There is a special privilege for Squad Leaders; they are allowed to form their squad once they have been assigned the role. To reserve slots in your squad for members you want in your squad; you only need to send me a message with the list of people you want and which slot you want them in. If you decide not to use this privilege, I will assign people signing up to your squad.

    Following will be a short overview of the missions, a full briefing will be available on the event day.

    Mission One

    The first mission will have the BLUFOR defending around Berezino against the OPFOR attack.

    The BLUFOR Red Platoon consists of 6 HMMWVs and acts as the platoon leader for the BLUFOR. The Eagle Squads are under direct command of Red Platoon. Falcon and Hammer are under the command of Red Platoon as well. The Hammer Mortar element will have access to the M6 BAF mortars.

    The OPFOR Sokol Company consists of two Platoons. Each element has access to a BTR or a T72B tank. The Company HQ element consists of the Commander and Sergeant, an RTO, two Medics and the BTR Crew. Each Platoon consists of a Platoon HQ element and three identical squads. The Platoon HQ has along with the Leader and Sergeant a Marksman and an AR team. Each vehicle has an AI Driver module that can be used, in case there is no player driver, to drive around.

    Mission Two

    Mission two will have the INDFOR insurgents defending around Chernogorsk against the OPFOR attack. OPFOR has shelled Cherno to hell and OPFOR will have to clear the ruins of the town of the remaining INDFOR hiding in the destroyed city.

    The INDFOR consists of three different groups of 5 maneuver teams. Each group has two AT teams, one Marksman team, and one AR team. Sokol consists of one Company element with two Medic, two Platoon HQ elements with a marksman and an AR, and six squads. Each Platoon element consists of three identical Squads. 

    The OPFOR Anna Company consists of an identical company layout as Mission One. The only difference is the three T72Bs have been replaced by two ZSU23-4 Shilka's.

    Technical details, as well as the sign-up form, are available on the calendar event page.


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