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  • INTREP 016

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    INTREPS will now be released on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. We're hoping this change will bring about bigger, more in-depth articles and allow for more interesting topics! 

    Meeting Reports

    A Message From the Community Managers

    The Community Managers would like to remind all members of the community to report any person witnessed breaking community rules regardless of their status.

    The Community Managers want to stress that EVERY report of rule breaking is taken seriously and investigated fully and impartially. Nepotism, and favoritism will not be tolerated. If you feel that any member of this community whether they be an FNG, Veteran, or even a Community Manager has broken any rule you have a duty to report it. 

    Every staff member in this community is a volunteer who dedicates their free time to ensure this platform runs smoothly. They are human beings who endure stress, and suffer through bad days just like the rest of us. Though we thank them for their contributions to FK, that does not mean that they are treated any differently than anyone else when they break the rules. 

    There are multiple ways in which you can make an official report, please choose whatever one is most comfortable for you.

    1) Speak to any staff member on TS 

    2) Send a message to any staff member on the forums

    3) Send a message to any staff member on discord

    4) Submit Anonymous Feedback on the forums (please note: All CMs, Techs, and Moderators can see this area)

    All reports will be taken confidentially, only those who NEED TO KNOW your name will know. 


    Staff News

    Mavy has decided to take a step back from the community.  In his stead @mrrbatty will be handling the admin duties. We will keep you updated on any changes in the future. These changes will not affect the current operations of FKgaming.

    Rhea has returned to her role as a Public Relations Officer. She, along with the other Public Relations Officers will report directly to @andyt90. Please remember that applications are still open and the Public Relations Team is still looking for more volunteers. To apply fill out the application HERE.


    PR News Room

    Celebrating a Milestone

    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit


    FK Games

    From this point on, to join any FK Gaming branded clan/squad/or group within games a player must have a forum account at least 1 month in age and in good standing (no bans) regardless of regular status. Any players currently admitted to these groups will be grandfathered in. This is to protect the FK Gaming brand from being abused by those who join only to harass, grief, and break rules. Below are some links to the groups we now have active. Check out the Misc Games section on the forums for more. 

    Planet Side 2, Destiny 2, War Thunder 


    Calendar Events

    With everyone stuck inside with nothing to do, our Calendar is filling up quick! Check out these new events and enable notifications for "#events" on our discord to keep up to date on new events that have been added!


    Oh hia! guess who's back! You know I love making these INTREPs for you guys but I'd also love to have you, as community members become a part of these INTREPS.

    If you would like to participate in writing an article yourself, or have an idea for an article please contact Rhea. We welcome the community's involvement in the INTREPs!


    INTREP Photo Credit - @Malbryn "Sarissa with his soviet pringles tube" 


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