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    INTREP 019

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    Meeting Reports


    Staff News

    CM Applications

    Discussions continue in the Think Thank regarding the Community Manager applications. We thank all the veterans, staff, former staff, and other Think Tank participants for their input on these applications. Think Tank discussions will be concluded Sunday the 28th of June. Voting will then commence among the current Community Manager Team, the Moderators, and the Admin. There is no solid date when a decision will be made, but we can expect to hear something a week after voting begins. 

    New Public Relations Officer

    @Deltabacon has been appointed to the position of Public Relations Officer. He has hit the ground running and has already completely overhauled our Twitch and is currently organizing our very first siege tournament with the support of his co-workers in the PR Team. Congratulations Delta! 


    Public Relations Operations

    FK Twitch gets a makeover

    @Deltabacon has completely overhauled our stream package including all graphics. Expect to see more activity on our Twitch than ever. If you are not following us, then what are you waiting for? 

    Siege tournament 

    Preparations for the FK Gaming Inaugural Siege Tournament are almost complete! Sign-ups are going very well with 4 teams already signed up. We’re very excited to get the tournament underway on the 27th! Get more information here.

    Nostalgia Hits FK

    After the release of C&C Red Alert I was hit by a wave of nostalgia bringing me back to when I first fell in love with gaming. I wanted to revel in easier and simpler times so I asked all of you: "What made you a life long gamer?" Here are some of the answers. 


    I used to go to a friends house after school where we would play CS:S and Black Ops on his PC and Playstation. We could sometimes sit until we were kicked off by his mum (like midnight, but whatever), and would continue the next day when we woke up. It was some of my most fun times when we would 1v1 snipe battle each other on Nuke Town or he would show his BHOP skills.
    So when Minecraft came out I bought it a bit after him and he showed me how to play it. My brother and I would litteraly race from the door to be the first to play every day! It was fun times indeed. Then I at one point got my own PC and started playing other games like World of Tanks and whatever was on Y8. Overall I think Minecraft really was the game that made me the gamer I am today.
    5/7 would play at 2am again



    What got me into gaming was the Ace Combat series on my PS2. I started playing Ace combat 5 in 2004 and after playing that I went and bought all of the older and newer ones games in the series that got released later on. #BelkaDidNothingWrong
    After that I went and played COD2-3-4 and MW2 on my PS3 which I got bored of quickly since it was just the same to me. Then I switched to Battlefield Bad company 2 which got me hooked into the series in turn I spent 10+ years playing BFBC2, BF 1942, BF3, BF4, BF1 (Which was trash) and BF5 (Which was also trash).



    my dad had a super nintendo that me and my brother would play games like mario kart or mortal kombat 2. I would also visit my cousins and they had mxunleashed whenever i visit i would play that game constantly sadly they didnt have anything to save the game so i would beat in a few days.


    Trainer's Corner 

    New tag appointees will now be recognized in upcoming INTREPs

    To acquire tags in any discipline it takes time, effort, and skill. New tag appointees will now be recognized in the last INTREP of the month starting now. We want to be able to take our time to congratulate those who put in the work and have earned their tags. If you're interested in gaining tags for any discipline please check out our training area on the forums.

    Medical Training Team Update

    The surge of new medic evals and training sessions has been handled and @griffin68965 has stepped down, allowing @FloofyFloof to be appointed to Medical Trainer.  Though things have been rocky for the Medical Training Team here recently, the training team and the staff team are confident the hardest part is behind us. 


    Community Spotlight
    The Siege of Madrigal | A story in ArmA 3 Milsim - Miffidruf

    @Miffidurf has made this awesome youtube video showcasing one of our recent Operation Trebuchet Missions! Check it out and show him some support!

    Elite Dangerous Squadron

    We now have an official FK Gaming Squadron on Elite Dangerous. To join all you have to do is search "FK Gaming" under Squadrons. If you would like more information contact @Rabit Salvokelk or @Rhea. Please remember that to join this Squadron you must be active in FK for at least 1 month. (Reg tags are not required)


    Sorry about the late INTREP guys but we wanted to make sure the Rainbow Six Siege Tournament got the proper amount of attention on the front page. Due to this our next INTREP will come out on the 13th of July - and that will be the ONLY issue for that month. INTREP schedule will return to normal in August. 

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