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  • INTREP 39

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    INTREP is a community newsletter which covers all important information regarding FK Gaming. Published Monthly, FK's INTREP brings you up to speed with what's happening in your community.


    Meeting Reports

    Check the forums for up to date information straight from our Community Managers.

    Staff News
    Mission debrief

    The staff team has decided to switch how post mission debriefs will be done. Here are the three main changes:

    • Stricter approach to how after mission debrief is done in TeamSpeak immediately after mission end. They will now be more structured
    • Debrief thread is getting more structured as well.
    • New channel on Discord for feedback for the last day's mission.

    New Mission-Maker/Modder tag

    The staff team has decided to add a Mission-Maker/Modder tag to recognize those members who contribute new content or modified content to the FK community and/or the Arma community. This tag does not have any trainers nor evals, a new tagholder needs to fit the requirements stated below and be chosen by a current tag holder and voted on by the CM's.

    Requirements for the Mission-Maker/Modder tag:

    • Needs to be a REG+
    • Is an upstanding member of the community
    • At least one of the following:
      • Authored at least one mod on the steam workshop
      • Changed at least one mod on the steam workshop
      • Created at least two missions from scratch or used a mission-making framework that has been played in FK or hosted on FK servers

    Congratulation to the first five awardees which are: @cineafx @johnb43 @Garfield @ThePointForward and @Malbryn



    The FK servers now have AAR! The after action replay, allows you to view a 2d map replay of our mains. Showing friendly and enemy positions, as well as our map markings, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on what happened during our mains. 
    To access the AAR press HERE.


    Community News
    Charity Festival
    A big thank you to everyone who participated and/or donated to our charity festival! It's been a blast playing for the past 4 days. We managed to raise 2750 USD which will be doubled to 5500 USD!
    I'd also would like to thank @Jerichron @Griffin68965 @Sarissa for creating and zeusing those events in such a short notice, and another thank you to @andyt90 @TheFantasticFlyingTaco @cineafx for streaming those events! Hope that all of you enjoyed these few days and hopefully we will see you in a future event!

    Community spotlight


    Upcoming Events


    Make sure to keep an eye out on the calendar for any upcoming events!

    INTREP Cover Photo Credit goes to @SilentGunner13 for a great screenshot from the charity SOG mission.

    This months intrep is a bit short so here's a meme I stole from @Vericht. - 🍉Melo



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