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  • Scripted Missions and You!

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    This post will serve as a guide on how to use scripted missions in FK Gaming


    What are Scripted Missions?

    A scripted mission is essentially any Arma 3 mission which employs the use of scripts to dynamically change the way the game is played. For the scripted missions in FK Gaming, this will often include (but not always!): 

    • Respawning
    • Dynamic AI spawning
    • Mission Objectives
    • Custom Scripts, e.g. Attack Dogs

    These missions can be found in the mission selector screen when you use the command: "#missions" on the server when loaded as admin (more on this later). These scripted missions are used when there has been no main mission Zeus picked on the day, and people select "Scripted Mission" in the staff-given strawpoll. 

    How Can I Setup a Scripted Mission on the Arma 3 Server?
    As mentioned above, to get the scripted mission on the server (to see a list of scripted missions, look here), you must first log in as admin. To log in as admin, type in chat: "#vote admin <YOURNAMEHERE>". For example, for me to log in, I would type: "#vote admin Fred", or if I wanted to vote Melo as admin: "#vote admin Melo".

    Next, you will need to pick a mission to play. To do this, type in chat (once logged in as admin): "#missions". This will bring up a mission select screen which has options for map selection, and mission selection. To find a specific mission, you must first select the map it is on. For example, if I wanted to play "CO48 Invasion of Utes", I would select the map "Utes", then select the mission when it comes on the right side of the page.

    Most missions in the FK scripted database will follow a naming convention that will give you preliminary information about the mission and will most likely only be COOP (CO) or Team vs Team (TVT) missions. The first letters of the mission name will tell you whether a mission is a COOP or PVE mission, i.e. -  CO, Co, co, [CO ] or a Team vs Team or PVP mission, i.e. - TvT, [TVT ], [TvT ] or a similar variation. The next two numbers will tell you how many players the mission is built for, ie - CO50, [CO50], CO-50, [CO-50], co50, TVT50, TVT-50, [TVT50], [TVT-50], TvT50, etc. Finally, the mission name will complete the naming convention. In the above mission name, "CO48 Invasion of Utes", you can read that the mission is COOP, supporting up to 48 players and the mission name is Invasion of Utes. In this example, the mission name tells you which map you would be using, but most mission names will not include the map name in the title.



    This will bring you to the lobby screen for the selected mission. Here you will need to gather some players, and slot up. Once everyone is slotted, the person logged in as admin will then press "OK" in the bottom right corner. This will bring everyone to the map screen. 


    On the map screen, look at the top left for the "briefing tab". This will hopefully have all the information required to complete the mission. When everyone is ready to play, press the "OK" button in the bottom right corner.
    Finally, this will bring you in game; where you have to complete whatever object has been set by the mission maker.

    As of right now, the FK scripted missions database has missions supporting the current FK modset on FK1 and/or FK2 as well as the SOG Prairie Fire DLC hosted on FK5.

    Calendar Missions

    If you look at the FK Gaming Calendar, you might see some special scripted missions, as well as specially scripted Zeus missions. These are created by players who wish to tailor a unique experience, typically with a non-standard modpack. The players who run the more specialty missions typically rotates the non-standard modpack on a quarterly basis. For example, in the past we have had: Warhammer 40k missions, WW2 missions, Vietnam, etc.

    If you wish to create a calendar mission, please read through the guides in this link



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