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    Chuck Yeager

    The big FK Secret Santa reveal

    It is finally time to share stories and pictures of the third edition of FK Secret Santa.  Secret Santa is a gift system where members are randomly assigned a person to whom they give a gift. The identity of the gift giver is to remain a secret, adding a lot of surprise to the present itself. All participating Secret Santas have received their mysterious presents and some of them sent in pictures of their new toys to play with. Ready to discover all Secret Santa presents of 2019?


    "This is my first time participating in the FK Secret Santa event and I had an absolute blast. Going in to the event I were actually more pumped about sending a gift than receiving, and for a little while I even forgot that there was one coming my way. When my gift arrived though, I was hyped beyond measure. To the extent that I did not even drop my stuff off inside before turning from the mailbox going straight to the post office to pick it up.

    I had listed a plethora of interests and hobbies, among them my love for whiskey and said that I wanted something my Santa could come up with that fit their budget. 

    Boy, did my Santa deliver! 
    Upon opening the package I was faced with a handwritten note and a bottle of Irish whiskey, one I have never had before.
    Of course I had to immediately give it a try, and it really hit the spot with a nice smooth taste. 

    I really enjoyed this and i'm already looking forward to FK Secret Santa 2020!"








    "Thanks kind Santa for this beautifully engraved dice box (also, love the smell of wood!). It has already been put to use for the housing of dice that shall be responsible for many diddlings, PKs and maybe even TPKs on one Sunday or another. Who knows, in the future it might even house the untold powers of a yet to be born hero.

    Dice Box
    wondrous item, rare
    Any dice that spend 1d20+10 days in this dice box with the lid closed become charged with a magical aura that makes it temporarily impossible for them to roll below their average result. Each die then gains 1d4 charges, and one is spent every time the die is rolled in order to activate the magic effect. Any unspent charges fade 24 hours after the lid is reopened. If the box is opened before the dice are fully charged, the effect does not take place and the process must begin again."




    "Gift arrived on the 19th, so plenty early. Since I picked it up at the post office, I hoped I would be able to stuff the box in my backpack and call it a day. Nope! Had to swiftly open it and without looking get it into my bag.

    As for the package itself, it was quite nice in idea, but Amazon seems to have dropped the ball on this one. I guess whoever was my Secret Santa requested gift packaging, but whoever was the unfortunate one to put it together seemed to forgot to put the items in the bags. Oh well.


    The items were 2. A book that I am looking forward to reading, and a set of 4 gigantic metal chopsticks. Probably meant for serving. Sadly, there was no message from whoever was my Secret Santa, so I can't thank directly.(I have a sneaking suspicion it might have been Silent, but I guess I'll never know for sure.) Still though, pretty nice gift, not gonna lie. "


    "I am amazed by the person who sent me this present because he was very thoughtful and original by not only sending a present to me personally, but sending something special for all my family.

    Present consisted of two amazing and very comfy Norwegian wool sweater for my daugher and me and two very nice souvenir thimbles for my wife to add to her collection. I am wearing this sweater for almost a week now and it is super comfy. My daughter is also very amazed with it.

    I am very happy by participating in this event and I am amazed by people in our community. I hope person who got a present from me found it also nice. "



    image.thumb.png.c49b61b92649068e54c49382059ccfff.png    image.thumb.png.a11e1dff251541b30d9fd9a739d1dcc9.png



    "So, i woul like to thank nerosjin for his effort as to getting the original gift, but nonethe less this gift is awesome, as much as there is nothing wrong with my aim, ive been wanting a rifle scope for quite a while but my small salary only allows for certain things, plus its a high quality scope too, really liked this gift and i look forward to next years secret santa."






    "Family Tradition to do gifts on Christmas Eve so just opened it, Thanks for the gift!"



    " I got the shittiest camping gift, a camping toilet.. my assessment is, that it is in fact, quite shitty. :D"



    All other Secret Santas who yet have to unwrap their gifts, can comment below to show off their presents.

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    @Deltabacon got me this super cool soldering kit. Comes in super handy since I donated my old one to a hackerspace.

    I had these custom FK patches made for my Santee, but my neighbor who took the package decided to move and not give the package to me. If I ever recover them I'd like to give em away to the community.


    photo_2019-12-25_23-01-21 (2).jpg


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    Frankasaurus Rex


    Sorry I'm late with this, but I've been putting the editing of this video off. It turned out meh so take the editing with a grain of salt.

    With that being said, extreme thanks to @Deltabacon for sending me probably the best gift I got this holiday season, and some stunning polyhedral dice!


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    Posted (edited)

    In heinzsight I should have gotten you more ketchup.

    From @Frankasaurus Rex, I got a plethora of wonderful gifts: a handwritten note, some interestingly named cookies (they lasted a day), a Chocolate D (lasted a day), a nice drinking glass, a water/powder mixing bottle, and a rugby ball that doesn’t -quite- align with RFL regs. I was really taken aback, cheers man! 



    Edited by Deltabacon
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