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    Main Op size changes

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    Hello everybody!

    As some (Hopefully most) of you have seen and voted on by now, we held a recent poll for changing the missions sizes. The poll can be found here:


    Following the results of this poll, we are now going into a week of testing this new format (until Saturday 19 Aug). During this week, server 1 will be the "restricted" server, meaning priority goes to regular+ (with one FNG slot per squad), while server 2 will be open for all. Both servers will have a player limit of 40-50 players, depending  on the amount of assets used. During this week of testing, we will also have a number of smaller things to look at, Including (but not limited to):

    • Cycling stricter and more casual rule sets
    • The effects of Headless clients

    There will be a specific feedback thread whenever we try some of the smaller points, as well as a global feedback for the new format. We hope to hear your thoughts, good or bad, related to the change in format. Normal feedback can still go in the post-mission reports, like before.


    We will see you in the fight and in the threads,

    Your friendly neighbourhood staff team.

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    Can't wait. This will absolutely make missions smoother and nicer for everyone including the Zeus. 

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    I am waiting to see how this goes. It seems semi far but I feel like more organization is needed in the TS for this to work perfectly. For example the one FNG per squad once that fills up what will happen to the rest of the FNG´s in the TS. Also looking at the polls I thought option 2 one it. I guess we will see how it goes and workouts. And will the second server be just for FNG´s? Do they have the same specs? Time shall tell I assume.

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    i like this new system however if theres not enough room for people they cant join a server and do an off duty

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