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    RE: "Missing/Removed" Mods and Workshop Update

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    Following the recent move back to the Steam Workshop, we encountered a problem.

    We had previously bundled the majority of our mods and maps into two packs, the "FK Mod Pack" (which contained things like NI Arsenal, BWMOD etc.) and the "FK Map Pack" (which contained the maps such as Lythium, Lingor etc.) for what was essentially ease of use for the community. However, this did in fact go against the Steam Workshop EULA, with the possibility of DMCAs, and so we had to take them both down.

    As a result of that, there are some mods/maps that will be missing from the Collection and from the Servers themselves and this mainly boils down to two possibilities, either:

    1. It is not on the Steam workshop (such as with the LAV-25, Schwemlitz, the Hover Board etc.) or,
    2. We might have missed then when we had to scramble to take down the "combined" packs and replace them with what we could find on the Workshop.

    Do note that we did not intentionally remove any mods that might be missing, they're missing because we essentially have no legal way of using it without undue complications for everyone.

    Any changes to our modset that are decided upon by the Management team will be communicated clearly via our Meeting Reports.

    There may be a time when some of those mods missing from the Workshop may be uploaded at a later date, either by the original author, or with the original author's permission, in which case we will plan on adding it to the Collection and the Server, so keep an eye out on the Collection page every now and then to make sure you aren't missing anything that we might've re-added to it.

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    If you guys would like, i can talk to the map maker of Schwemlitz and ask if hes okay with the map being added as part of the map pack. Dont really think he cares tbh, ps icebreaker is poor and cant sue FK lol

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    Posted (edited)

    Thank you for clarifying.

    Will we be getting heads-ups about when a mod is returned, or is it on us to keep an eye on the Collections page?

    EDIT: Not saying you need to or don't need to, just wondering which way things are going to go.

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    I had problem finding the Ace common in my addons ingame, is it ok to download ace3 mods to have that package?


    Thank you for reading, Beren

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    1 hour ago, Trinoc said:

    @Berenignore the dependency warnings. We use the Fk_Ace mod, which has all the ace things you need 

    medic is missing, i can't bind H for medical menu

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    Posted (edited)

    @Beren You'll have to enable the ACE medical system first of all. 

    1) In-game, press 'Esc' to open the menu of Arma.

    2) Top left, there should be this tab called 'Ace Options. Click on that.

    3) A whole list of menu should appear. Don't worry about everything else, just look for the drop-down box that says ' All categories'.

    4) Click that and find ACE medical system on drop down items.

    5) Two tabs should appear, one on the left and one on the right. Find ' Ace Medical System' and click on that.

    6) Afterwards, on the tab to the right some options should appear. Under 'Enable Ace Medical System', it's default should be 'Disabled'.

    7) Click on that and enable the option.

    Lastly, make sure that you have your 'H' key only bound to the Ace Medical Menu by deleting the key bind for 'Last Hint' in the Common Options of Key Bindings.

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