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  • New ACE Medical system requires Medic tag wipe

    Chuck Yeager By Chuck Yeager, in Training, , 1 comment, 4,195 views

    FK will introduce a new modpack on April 27th, 2020. The modpack introduces new assets and maps, but the biggest change to your gameplay will be the new ACE medical system. Due to the complete change of the current medical system, all current medic tag holders will have to re-do their medical evaluation. The medical trainers have created this article to help you get up to speed.



    The following text has been submitted by @johnb43, Medical Trainer

    The new medical system changes things drastically:

    • Ace now simulates body armor, although it doesn’t break. This means you are a lot tankier when being shot in the chest.
    • However, you can and will die easily to a single shot to the face. Helmets reduce the chance of dying significantly if the bullet hits the helmet.
    • Morphine is quite dangerous if not used properly.
    • Fluids are very important - stop the bleeding as soon as possible!
    • Bandaging times have gone up quite a bit, depending if you are a medic or not.
    • and lots more...

    The medical trainers urge everyone to read the rifleman medical basics, but also “how to handle casualties - for everyone”, since this update entails a lot of changes:

    Missions as a whole will be significantly different, same goes for pacing.

    Tag removal, trainings and evals

    Since this update has changed the medical system dramatically, the medical trainers are removing everyone’s tags the day the modset goes live. They will be holding training sessions for both riflemen and medics until the new modset will be released for those who want to be prepared and for those who might want to be evaled within the first weeks of the new modset release.

    From when this post is released, Regulars+ can apply for evals and in mission trainings. Be mindful that those who have medical tags currently have a higher priority over people who do not have tags for trainings and evals for a month (might be extended). Just PM the medical trainers or ask in the medial discord in the “eval-and-training-requests” channel. There is a link in the medical training room description on the teamspeak for access to the medical discord or here https://discord.gg/mhFGM6D.

    Once new ace is live, a medical feedback thread will be made, so you can share your thoughts and concerns.



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