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    Repo/Arma Cancelled For Indeterminate Time

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    As most of you are aware, the ArmA-Repo we use is currently offline. While Mavy was fixing some issues, we had a community member try and connect to the repo despite being told not to. He ignored our commands, circumvented an IP-ban, searched for a loophole and basicly leaked critical FK-information on a public non-FK channel. This is a very serious breach of privacy, an active defiance of admin/CM orders and completely against everything FK stands for.

    As a result of the leak, we have decided to bring down the repo for the time being to fix the issues caused by these actions. This means the repo will be down the entire weekend and no official ArmA-sessions will be played until further notice. For his defiance of the admin/CM team and the leaking of critical information on a public NON-FK channel, the instigator called 'Pretmaker' has been banned from any and all FK-related services.
    We take the privacy and security of all FK members very seriously. People trying to circumvent this safety will not be tolerated.

    We want to thank Linnet for reporting this grave issue to us. We encourage people who experience similar situations that (could) bring damage to FK to report this as soon as possible to a CM/Admin.
    You can read Linnet's explanation in this thread.

    We want to take this opportunity to tell People they SHOULD NOT feel like they will be shunned if they were to "snitch" so to speak, because, quite frankly, they're doing the rest of the community a favour. If you are one of those people who start shunning others for openly reporting persons for stuff they shouldn't be doing, then you're honestly no better than the people who are being dickheads and/or breaking/circumventing rules. It shouldn't matter if said person is your friend. If you keep quiet about this, the community as a whole will become stagnant as little things build up and eventually collapse under the combined weight of these issues. If you see someone else has reported your friend for being a dickhead, don't be a dickhead yourself and start shunning that person and/or getting others to shun them.

    To wrap it up, don't be afraid to openly report any infractions to the CMs/Admins or even Vets to get them to pass it up to us. The Anonymous Feedback system is still there if you feel afraid of backlash from the community, or at least from a small group of people, but we would much prefer if this became a community where the community itself is not afraid to report people for things that they shouldn't be doing. If we find out that anyone is being a dickhead or shunning people for "snitching", they will be dealt with harshly! We want people to be able to bring their issues out in public where we can have a civil discussion about it. Remember though, if you post an issue, make sure to provide valid points supporting your claims! 


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