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    The new year brought us some new mods, new people and new ideas. As we are always trying to improve our focus, we would like to hear from the community what they think about some of the more recent gameplay/community changes.


    1: Advanced Stamina

    One of the older implementations regarding gameplay is advanced stamina. This system makes it so your character will get tired after a set amount of running in combat stance and/or sprinting. This is based on the weight of your gear and thus forces people to think what they bring to the battlefield. The heavier you are, the more affected your stamina will be. Main reasoning behind this implementation was preventing people from taking 40 kg+ worth of gear and sprinting across the battlefield. Only take what you need soldier, military gear is expensive!

    What do you think of advanced stamina? Vote in our poll.


    2: Ironfront

    A lot of people requested the overhaul mod IFA3, also known as Ironfront. This mod places us in WW2 which means a more visceral setting combined with more basic equipment. No radios, no scopes, only one dedicated radioman per squad... . Ironfront is a more hardcore version of the way we are used to playing ArmA and encourages teamplay, communication and resilience. This mod received a lot of positive feedback from this community and as such we want to know how we should organize/schedule these missions in regards to the more 'normal' ArmA-sessions we do.

    How do you think Ironfront should be scheduled/organized? Vote in our poll.


    3: PvP

    We have always shied away from PvP because it took to long to set up, and people got frustrated after getting 360 no-scoped at a 1 km+ distance. Recently however, due in part to Ironfront, we have found a good way to organize fast and fun PvP-missions. This community will still remain largely PvE focused, but we want to know what you think about PvP and how we should organize them.

    How should PvP be scheduled? Vote in our poll.


    4: Tags

    At the current moment, on TeamSpeak, we have a plethora of Tags that theoretically indicate what a person is or isn't capable of in the game. These tags however aren't kept 100% up to date and in the past have led to a degree of elitism. We are now looking at an overhaul of the tag-system. Either we keep the specialist-tags but define clear rules to obtaining them, or we do completely away with them.

    What's your opinion on TS-tags? Vote in our poll.


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