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Carnage on Umbara


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During the invasion of the Separatist planet of Umbara a Jedi general by the name of "Pong Krell" has switched sides and joined the Separatist cause. At the time he betrayed us, he was leading Republic forces in an operation to clear out enemy forces from the region around an enemy radio station to the northeast. He swiftly wiped out three squads of clones, and has killed or severely wounded any Republic forces who have attempted to subdue him. In the chaos, enemy forces have taken the opportunity to launch a counter offensive on our positions, and any semblance of organisation among our forces has subsequently been lost, along with our regional communications relay. Republic command must be informed of this betrayal before Krell can cause any more damage to friendly forces. Your best bet to establish a link is to hijack the enemy Radio station and broadcast from there, because as it stands your long rage radios cannot penetrate the thick jungle. The surface of the region is likely to be swarming with enemy forces, not to mention Krell. With this in mind it is recommended that you make for the entrance to an underground bunker network that was recently cleared by friendly troops. While the enemy will most likely have reestablished a presence there, it will not be anything close to what they will have on the surface. Your main concern however should be Krell, while you may be the best troops in the business, your small group of survivors is no match for a Jedi. Therefore, it is recommended that you take things slowly and make any engagements as short as possible, as any prolonged or overly loud incidents are likely to draw his attention. Note that the bunker network appears to be made of a substance that interferes with our GPS equipment, as such, any readings taken while inside are not to be trusted. The damage that Krell could cause is potentially catastrophic. Making contact with, and alerting command is your absolute highest priority, your survival is secondary. 




The aim of this is to have a slightly smaller, more serious/immersive mission for those who enjoy it, and i reserve the right to pick those who i believe best suit the mission.



MISSION SUMMARY: This will be a heavily themed mission with elements taken from the Clone Wars in the Star Wars Universe. It will be making use of the Arma 3 mods Star Wars Opposition, Legion Studios Base and 3AS which will be posted as well at the bottom of this event page in a compiled list.  Weaponry within the mission will be restricted to Clone Wars Era/Faction based weaponry and will be restricted per your chosen role. Tags for applicable roles are being enforced and will not be different from standard slotting. Squad Structure and PTLN structure have been changed to accommodate the theme and structure of operations in the Clone Wars.






(There are only 6 slots, however if there is excess interest i will run the mission again.)







  1. Loadouts are scripted
  2. Looting of weapons is allowed, but only when necessary.
  3. BFT disabled
  4. No resupply 
  5. *It may be useful to have the keybind set for "Stealth Execution" in "Webknight's Melee"
  6. Disclaimer: Due to the AI's lack of path-finding ability in certain environments,
    there will be slightly more remote controlling than normal.
  7. Remember it's Arma, so try not to do any complexed movements while in confined spaces.




Loadouts are scripted





  • Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server
  • IP: arma4.fkservers.eu
  • Port: 2402
  • Password: On Request

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all slots are now filled, but if people are still interested, leave a comment and if there's enough i'll run it again.

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