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Operation Beacon


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Apex DLC required!
Important info-read!

The assault team not required to attend until 1h 15m after mission start, as they will have nothing to do, that makes it 5pm UK time.
That time will be spent by the Scout team gathering intel, that will then be transmitted to the rest of the players once they join.
When the rest of the players join, take your slots and go straight through. I will answer any questions that you have on the briefing, the briefing
will only be in text form below. Once that has been completed the recon team will give you the intel they have gathered via LR, you will then complete your plan 
and begin the mission. Due to the confined spaces of the spawn area i ask that you all remain quiet and allow the Sls to communicate and plan.

Operation Beacon
Start Time: Early evening
Weather: Stormy




Overall: The government of the island of Tanoa has begun the construction of AA missile batteries close to the main regional airport in the region. This goes against a deal that was struck between the Tanoan government and the U.S. High command has determined that this act of aggression cannot go unpunished, and in response have dispatched 3 special forces teams to destroy the AA systems, and eliminate the General who appears to be the driving force behind this blatant act of hostility (positive identification of the target is required). The first team will gather intel on the objectives, with the two assault teams arriving via a high altitude drop from a C-130, later on. Once the objectives have been completed all three teams are to evacuate the area. It has been determined that Helicopter are not viable as our only dispatch points are too far away from your AO. Therefore your evacuation will take place via a civilian Antonov piloted by the CIA, this tactic will allow us to get within enemy airspace without raising suspicion, a landing strip for the aircraft will have been marked by the Scout team. As far as enemy contact is concerned we are expecting no enemy air power except the odd Helicopter and limited armoured elements, with the majority of the enemies presence being in the form of infantry units

Assault Teams: Your parachutes for the drop are stored inside a crate towards the front of the aircraft, and once you are ready for the transmission of intel, signal to the Scout team via LR. They will have gathered intel on the targets locations as well as a suggested LZ or LZs. Once landed we advise that you do not waste any time in commencing with you tasks, as this will only lead to the arrival of more forces and may give the Officer a chance to escape the region. You have been supplied with all the equipment we believe you will need during the operation, and once it is complete you are to signal for pickup via LR, before making your way to the landing strip marked by the Scouts.

Scout Team: You are tasked with gathering as much intel as you can about the situation you face, without being discovered. In particular regarding the following: Location of the Officer and the AA system(s), LZ suitability for the Assault team and a suitable point for the Antonov to land. When the main force comes online you are to transmit the intel to them via radio once they have signaled that they are ready. The main concentration of enemy forces should be within the town and surrounding construction yards, but be sure to keep an eye out for patrols at all times. After you have completed your objectives as instructed by Assault One Lead, you are to meet up with the main force and make your way to the pickup point as marked. During you scouting do note that we have not had the time to add the more recent constructions to your maps.




The aim of this is to have a slightly smaller, more serious/immersive mission for those who enjoy it, and i reserve the right to pick those who i believe best suit the mission.







(This event only has 14 slots)



*Assault One Lead is considered to be PLT*

Assault One:

Assault Two:

  •  Squad Lead (SL TAGS): Open
  •  Team Lead (TL TAGS): @Veagance
  •  Medic (MEDIC TAGS): Open
  •  Rifleman (Demo) (REGS+): @Prometheus13
  •  Rifleman (LAT) (REGS+): Open

Scout Team:






  1. Loadouts are scripted
  2. 1 respawn for each "squad"
  3. Looting of enemy weapons is prohibited, extreme circumstances exempt.
  4. BFT disabled.




Loadouts are scripted





  • Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server
  • IP: arma4.fkservers.eu
  • Port: 2402
  • Password: On Request
  • Modset: Standard FK modset


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Scout rifleman plz negate this cant make it

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