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Operation Beacon- Part 4


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Apex DLC required!

Operation Beacon-Part 4
Start Time: Mid-day
Weather: Cloudy


After a strategically placed island in the Pacific decided to begin construction of guided AA platforms, and go directly against a treaty established between itself and the United States, the decision was made to locate the units and destroy them. Several Specops units were involved in the operation and while all the targets were eliminated successfully, the exfil did not go to plan. Due to a communications error, and damage sustained to their aircraft, the teams were forced to make their way into the jungle and come up with an alternate escape plan. During this process the teams' ever all leader became separated from the rest of the group. As the survivors carried out their plan, they discovered Intel stating that their Leader had been captured, and sent to "Camp Spring".

As a result of communications issues encountered by the teams, HQ was not able to reach them and assumed the worst. Subsequently, a small scale assault was launched on the islands of Tanoa in an attempt to hamstring any potential retaliation efforts, and if possible recover the missing Specops teams. In a chance meeting on the island's main airport, the surviving team members met up with a group of U.S marines as the former were trying to steal an aircraft in which to flee, and the latter attempted to neutralize the enemies air capabilities. From that point the survivors were air lifted out to a waiting carrier, and passed on the intelligence they had gathered regarding their missing comrade.

Due to the new found Intel and the apparent failure of the Marine's assault to do any real damage, the U.S withdrew it's forces and negotiations began to release the captive officer. Unfortunately the Tanoan government had viewed the U.S' withdrawal as a sign of victory on their part, and refused to release the soldier unless the U.S agreed to tear up the previous treaty, and agree to supply them with new AA systems, alongside multiple other demands. These demands were not deemed acceptable to the U.S in any way shape or form, and seeing as reports came in suggesting that the Tanoan's were starting to buy up old Soviet era equipment from various different anti-american states, there was no option other than to recover the officer by force.



With the plan being heavily based around the Intel that is gathered by our Recon teams, the briefing can only cover so much. However, the basic principle is as follows. Your squads from the 101st Airborne, along with your support elements will drop from your respective aircraft (the picture above). You will be dropping from a height of 4000 meters, which should give you more than enough time to reach whatever landing zone you have selected. Once you have landed your are to begin your assault on Camp spring and recover our missing soldier. Roughly 20 minutes after you initial drop, groups of U.S marines will begin landing to the South East in the town if Ouméré. They will be responsible for reclaiming the U.S embassy based in the town, and more importantly they are your way out. As soon as they are able the will begin pushing up the marked route (the picture below). They will hold at the "Pickup" point, however if required they will push up to the camp itself. An important note is that some of the marines' gear, especially vehicles, are owned and operated by the enemy, so remember to check your fire. Once you have rescued our man, your task is simply to hunker down and wait for the Marines to arrive. However, if the opportunity presents itself, you are to destroy as much enemy equipment as you can. Once the Marines arrive you are to mount up in their vehicles with the officer in tow, and head back down the road towards the embassy while the Marines perform a rearguard action.

Unfortunately resupply is going to be a bit of a sticking point, with the earliest delivery only being possible with the arrival of the Marines. As such, your Platoon has been equipped with everything we foresee you needing, with extra equipment being stored in boxes towards the front of your aircraft. Preserving your ammo will be important in this one, even though your Tls are carrying extra ammunition, it will only go so far. If you run out mid way through, you'll be in deep trouble. You will also be without artillery or air support for as long as we don't know where the prisoner is. Once he is in friendly hands, we may be able to arrange something.

As mentioned, our understanding of the enemies capabilities is patchy, however here's what we do know. The enemy has limited rotary assets, and while they will mostly be kept at bay by our own jets, some may slip through. As for artillery, they have lots of it, with most of it ranging from mortars to medium sized howitzers. The armoured capacity is a little more known. With the higher end consisting of some of our old Patton MBTs as well as some old Soviet T-55s. Thankfully however these are believed to be in short supply, with most of their armoured units being made up of APCs and IFVs, again both Soviet and U.S in origin. While we believe a large portion of their armour lies near the Blue Pearl industrial port, any further intel regarding their military capacity in any form, is severely lacking. In particular, information on the layout of Camp Spring, your main target. Any further details on any of these subjects will have to be provided by our Recon units, and will be sent directly to your PLT Lead prior to the mission.

Remember, these guys used to be on our side. They have our old equipment and we taught them how to use it. This, alongside their newly purchased Soviet equipment will make them formidable foes, and they are not to be underestimated.

ADDITIONAL INFO FROM THE RECON TEAMS (Written by @Silberjojo and @Veagance): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HeIHk2N0UmTOKtMCu3El87nfiXanMXe6sOZZDWgtbqg/edit?usp=sharing


Zeus' note!: Further information will be gathered by two Recon teams in an off-hours mission run prior to this one. They will pass on this info to whomever requests the PLT role. For this reason, as well as the nature of your start, it is strongly requested that someone takes it ahead of time. Any briefing or planning done at mission start will be performed on the map screen.








(This event has 56 slots, with 8 man squads. (capacity for 10 man squads if numbers require it), and i reserve the right to pick those who best suit the respective slot.)




  • PLT Lead (PLT tags) @Whitelock (no tags)
  • PLT 2ic (2ic Tags) Open
  • PLT Medic (Medic tags) Open
  • Marksman (Regs+) @EpsilonNiner
  • MAT Gunner (Regs+) Open
  • MAT Assistant (Regs+) Open



  • Squad Lead (SL tags) @KingShibe (no tags)
  • Medic (Medic tags) Open
  • Team Lead (TL tags) Open
  • 4x rifleman, 1x AR (Closed)


  • Squad Lead (SL tags) @Veagance
  • Medic (Medic tags) @Fenidean (no tags)
  • Team Lead (TL tags) Open
  • 4x rifleman, 1x AR (Closed)


Delta: Overflow, cannot be reserved










  1. There will be no Zeus briefing, only the text at the top of the page, and the
    information provided by the Recon elements from the previous mission.
  2. Loadouts are scripted.
  3. No resupply.
  4. 3x respawns, requested by PLT.
  5. Looting of enemy weapons is allowed under extreme circumstances.
  6. BFT disabled.
  7. 8 man squads as standard.




Loadouts are scripted





  • Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server
  • IP: arma4.fkservers.eu
  • Port: 2402
  • Password: On Request
  • MODSET Standard FK modset + Enhanced movement and it's rework.

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A SL please, if that's not in because of my involvement as Recce, I'd like a TL slot please 

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Posted (edited)

Alpha Team lead please, no tags

Edited by TheFantasticFlyingTaco

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