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Arid Annexation - Operation: Blue Falcon


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Operation: Blue Falcon - SUCCESS
[Iraqi Armed Forces]

Mission 01 of the Arid Annexation Campaign!

Click HERE for the Campaign Thread




As part of the opening push into the Reshmann Province, 1st Infantry Battalion have been ordered to capture the town of Kallista and hold all roads into the towns' surroundings. At this time, Bravo Rifles have pushed and now hold the town of Afaf, with Charlie Rifles beginning their initial assault on Kallista's surrounding infantry. Delta Weapons are to assist Charlie Rifles with the successful capture of Kallista, and the subsequent defence. 
Currently, Alpha Rifles are in reserve, with Battalion HQ in tow. 

5th Fires are available for indirect fire missions in the region. Fire missions within 1km are considered danger close for both 2S1 and BM-21 salvos.

You will be playing as the Delta Weapons Company of 1st Battalion. Due to the "Platoon" nature of our missions, this will be simulated as the players playing as 1st Platoon, with 2nd and 3rd acting as respawn waves. "Crossroads" will be known as "Company HQ" of Delta Weapons.


It is believed that an entire Iranian Mechanised Company is defending the town of Kallista. 5th Fires' Target Acquisition Platoon's intel suggests that the Company is using BMP-1's as their primary vehicles. They recommend a fire mission or two for our new adversaries, but it is at your discretion. 

Additionally, infantry movement has been spotted roughly 1-2km east of Kallista, as well as occasional skirmishes with Bravo Rifles in the north east of the AO.


Primary Objectives

  • Secure town of Kallista
  • Eliminate all Iranian Equipment


Gear and Equipment

This mission will have HEAVILY restricted gear. Looting ammunition from fallen comrades or enemies is allowed, however you must never drop your issued rifle or other weapons.
The general idea with the uniform and weapons is to look cohesive, but still have a "thrown together" style. Mix and match the options below.

Helmet:      PASGT (3-Color Desert || Woodland || M81)
Uniform:    Battle Dress Uniform (Iraq/3CD) || Combat Uniform (Iraqi/3CD)
Vest:           GA OTV (3CD | Woodland | M81) || OTV (3CD | Woodland | M81)
Backpack:  Any LR backpack that matches the uniform. RPG Gunners and Assistants must take the "RPG Carrier". Rifleman should take a backpack that matches the uniform.

Rifles:          AKM || AKMS || PM-63 || Vz.58 || M4 || M16A4
Autorifles:  MG-42 || PKM || M249
Marksman: M24 || SVD
Launchers:  RPG-7

Transport: 1x M1025A2 (Unarmed) || 2x M1025A2 (M2) || 2x URAL-4320 

As you are a Weapons Company, both Ural-4320's assigned to you have a DshKM in the back, if you choose to use them.


General Restrictions

  • No Night Vision/Thermal Equipment
  • No Rangefinders
  • No GPS/ Positioning device [Plt HQ Exempt]
  • No Binoculars [Plt HQ Exempt || SL Exempt]
  • BFT Disabled
  • No scopes or attachments to weapons [Marksman Exempt]
  • Looting for ammo is allowed. Trading or dropping weapons is not.



The standard platoon layout has not changed, however the following naming convension should be used for each element in the platoon.

CROSSROADS  ---> Company HQ 
Plt HQ  ---> 1|6   or   "1st Platoon" if called by Company HQ
Alpha   ---> 1|1
Bravo   ---> 1|2
Charlie ---> 1|3

Eg.  "One Six, this is One One, Comms Check, over."      "One One, One Six, reading you loud and clear, out."
       "Six, this is three, contact confirmed hostile, requesting permission to engage, over."

Tags take priority for any role, as well as a general "First come, first serve." for available slots.

Element Role Player Reserved Tag (If applicable)
1|6 Plt Commander    
1|6 Plt 2IC    
1|6 Plt Medic @Holymans N/A
1|1 Squad Leader @Veagance Squad Leader
1|1 Combat Medic    
1|2 Squad Leader    
1|2 Combat Medic    
1|3 Squad Leader    
1|3 Combat Medic    

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