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Zeus Training 101


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This training is aimed at people who are new to the zeusing with FK. If your interested in starting to Zeus in FK but don't have much knowledge of where to start this training is made for you.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Zeus selection on discord.
  • Asset announcement and restrictions.
  • Briefing and answering questions.
  • Zeus Modules and object placement.
  • Environment management.
  • SQFs and code execution.
  • Helpful mods and additions. 
  • Mission Testing in editor.

The idea is that you will be able to complete this training and head straight into a mission with the ability to request co-Zeus with the knowledge you need to run a basic mission.
This training does not earn you any tags. But it will teach you the basic information needed to start zeusing with FK and therefore indirectly leads towards acquiring tags.

How to join

Please RSVP here and be at "Zeus Training" room on TS at given time. We will be conducting this training on server 4.
Time in the calendar should be automatically adjusted to your timezone, but just to make sure, this training will start at 1200 EST. Expect roughly 1:30 hours taken.

IP and password will be given to you before we join the server.

Mandatory reading:

Rules on how to conduct yourself in an FK Arma missions as well as rules and information on zeuses within missions:

Recommended reading:


Recommended additions:

Quality of life mods which help with mission setup and object placement.

ZEC: Adds prebuilt military objects and compositions such as bunkers, bases and outposts.


ZECCUP: Adds prebuilt military objects and compositions such as bunkers, bases and outposts.


ZEI: Adds quality of life modules for Zeus EX: Garrison Building, Interior Fill and Object Fill.


Crows Zeus Additions: Adds quality of life modules for Zeus EX: Draw Build, Scatter Teleport and Remove Foliage.



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