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Operation Birth Certificate

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Mission 2: Operation Birth Certificate

After the Rebel attack in the previous mission, Trump wants to get rid of those little pests. So he called for a Spec Ops mission on a Rebel outpost at Matacan found after the Rebel attack. Images taken of the area using an UAV also show a large presence of Rebel forces in the town of Faunaverde.

Objective: Secure the intel at Matacan and liberate the town of Faunaverde.

Success conditions: 

  • Intel has been recovered from Matacan
  • Town of Faunaverde has been liberated of Rebel forces

Failure conditions:

  • More than 3 hostages die
  • Intel is not recovered and Hostages are not rescued


Slots to be assigned beforehand:


Leader: Netheral

2IC (optional):

FAC: Anden3



Heli (x4): Chuck Yeager, Seami, PVT. J. Mohammed


Sniper (DMR): Fidelias

Spotter: V1rU5

Vehicle Crew (x4)

Vericht, Lokyar, Cyico

Hostage: Zoltar

Privileged person: Leftymonster


Other Info:

All feedback of the first mission has been fixed in this mission, so DMR and medics work now.

*EDIT* No Heavy Weapons squad!

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Posted (edited)

16 hours ago, Lenny said:

Give me lead of whichever squad has the most difficult task ;)

All have the same tasks, there are no special squads. It's also up to Plt. lead which squad gets which task, so I can't say which squad you will get.

Edited by NeilZar

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5 hours ago, Katla_Haddock said:

I'll take PLT If noone else takes it. I'll give it up if others want it.

I just got message that I will make it to this mission, so if Katla wants to do sth else I'd take it (for consistency and stuff)

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