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Found 9 results

  1. Fletch

    Prelude to Disaster

    Logon: FK.PLT3@US.ARMY.MIL Password: BLOOBS . . . . Logging in . . . . Access Granted . . . .OPENING FILE 2-18-15-11-5-14--1-18-18-15-23 . . . . . . .Authorization: ************** ACCESS GRANTED NOTE: Read all the way through before asking questions. The info is non-sequential. (You can skim.) Table of Contents: I: Story II: Objectives III: Intel IV: Friendly Assets V: Restrictions VI: Additional Notes VII: Slotting Section 6: Additional Notes Section 7: Slotting . . . . Ending Connection . . . .Re-Encrypting Files . . . .Terminating Connection . . . . . . .Logging off TL:DR: The enemy has every advantage. Read Section 5: Restrictions P.S: If you wish to play in my mission but don’t want a slot. PM Fletch. (Anybody can do this)
  2. Vericht

    Operation "Peace Enforcement"

    8 Aug 2008 At night forward forces of Gerodia under the support of NATO, made an attempt of the reoccupation of Malden island. Joint Russian/Malden peacekeeper forces have been treacherously attacked and got spread across the area. On current moment there is three main resistance area near the towns of Laiche, St. Loise and La Trinite. Towns by themselves are occupied by enemy vanguard forces. Also, NATO forces captured the main airport, old NATO base, and radio tower. So the 32nd Separate Tank Batallion got an assignment from high command. The enemy has a quite large amount of APC/IFV and tank vehicles, supported by some infantry and light and medium helicopters. Amount of friendly forces and their vehicle capability is unknown. Assets for this mission are: 1 x T-80UK for Battalion commander 1 x BRM-1K for Platoon commanders 8 x T-80UE 2 x ZSU-23-4 2 x Ammo Trucks 1 x SpecOps Squad (equipped with BTR-80A) Be aware - this is a ZEUS mission, not scripted! Slot reservation (53 slots): BE AWARE - TAG RULES STILL APPLIES. YOU WILL GET THE SLOT IF NONE OF THE TAG HOLDERS WILL WANT IT OR WILL NOT ATTEND THE MISSION AND THERE ARE ONLY 53 SLOTS, NO ATTACHEES, YOU STILL CAN ASK FOR A SLOT AND GO AS A RESERVE BN HQ Commander Tank [BLACKSMITH] Commander (BN COM): Netheral Gunner (BN 2IC): NeilZar Driver (BN Medic): Radio squad BRM [ANVIL] BRM commander (RTO): Silberjojo BRM navigator (Plt COM): Tomo BRM Gunner (Plt COM): BRM Driver: Winters Medic: savage_creed Reserve: Natnanny Medic: Lexic Reserve: Guest 1stTANK PLT [HAMMER] HAMMER 1-1: Commander: Cyico Gunner: BonSie Driver: Oirien HAMMER 1-2: Commander: Gunner: Driver: HAMMER 1-3: Commander: Gunner: Cr0wnless Driver: HAMMER 1-4: Commander: Gunner: Toasty Driver: 2st TANK PLT [HATCHET] HATCHET 1-1: Commander: viking_nor Gunner: Judgeman Driver: Mrkosak HATCHET 1-2: Commander: Gunner: Timberhawk Driver: CitrusJerry HATCHET 1-3: Commander: Mogze Gunner: Isardy Driver: Simon3373 HATCHET 1-4: Commander: Gunner: KingShibe Driver: Fletch AA SQUAD [SLINGSHOT] SLINGSHOT 1-1: Commander: Gunner: andyt90 Driver: SLINGSHOT 1-2: Commander: sumsum Gunner: Chuck Yeager Driver: turbo balt LOGISTIC SQUAD [PLOW] SL: 2IC: Truck driver: Jacob_Waltz Truck driver: Servok Rifleman: Locky Rifleman: Dog SPECOPS SQUAD [SICKLE] SL: mulletshock 2IC: C-O-B-R-A Medic: Gditz AT specialist: BigT Autorifleman: Legendo Reserve: Conga Line of Neckbeards AR Assistant: Weegie Reserve: Neroxen BTR Commander/Gunner: Sarissa BTR Driver: BlueNexus
  3. SMPureParadise

    Mass Effect Opposition Local Host Mission

    SMPureParadise Mission Operation Io Eladeen Systems Alliance 5th Marine Force Recon SSV PYKE WILL START AFTER FIRST MAIN ENDS MODSET HERE (13 MODS, Ignore ace dependencies) (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632794895) ROLE/ASSET SIGNUP DOCUMENT HERE (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x-pekUYq6Qg3vC1sEuGg_njk1D8jrFZSYwM8s-BRC4c/edit?usp=sharing) BASIC FK RULES APPLY BRIEFING We have been assigned to respond to a distress call from an Alliance Marine squad that is based at Fort Zulu on Eladeen, the squad was on air patrol in the Jaque region of the planet when contact was lost. A single communication was received from the squad that only said “HELP” and then nothing since. The situation on the planet is very hostile, a number of pirate and mercenary groups have established extensive gun running networks all over the system with Eladeen being a hub for many. We don’t have much Intel on the Jaque region other than a very small settlements dots the region and a wealthy arms designer has a home in the region. This arms designer is the only lead we have so you are to meet with him in person, his name is Haydon Matson and he owns a small compound in the center of the region. We have sent word ahead and he has agreed to meet with you. behave yourself on his property, he likely has heavier guns than you do. Getting these marines back is a priority, You are free to act independently but please keep command updated. OBJECTIVES PRIMARY Contact Arms Designer Matson Matson has a small compound in the Jaque region, He has agreed to meet with you and should hopefully have the information you need. In the meantime we will continue scanning for signals. Find and rescue marines Priority objective is the rescue of these lost marines. SECONDARY DO NOT ENGAGE MATSON’S SECURITY Matson employs a sizable security force in the region, do not engage them. ASSETS (will be compressed or removed based on numbers) 1X UT-47 Kodiak (ARMED) Various support vehicles and aircraft deployed from SSV PYKE EQUIPMENT (reference screenshots at bottom) Notes May take OPTRE HUD glasses Only SL and Pilot may take LR Special Weapon is issued by squad leader. For Special Weapons Marine, you may only take 1 Special weapon marked with (S) below. Highly recommend taking the pistol red dots if you are taking a sidearm Some scopes like the T-8/as scope already have the Holo sight on. ML-78 Rocket launcher AT Rocket is wire guided, AA is lockon. May take any cosmetic variation of weapons Force Recon Marine (same for medic) Uniform - Ajax Alliance uniform (multicam) Vest - Ajax Armor (Alliance multicam) Helmet - Alliance / Open Helmet (multicam) Backpack - Invisible backpack (any), (Medic ->) ILCS Backpack (Medic) Eyewear - Any NVG - Neural Implant Vision Enhancement Weapons - M-8 Avenger, M-15 Vindicator, M-3 Predator Force Recon Special Weapons Marine Uniform - Ajax Alliance uniform (multicam) Vest - Ajax Armor (Alliance multicam) Helmet - Alliance / Open Helmet (multicam) Backpack - Invisible backpack (any) Eyewear - Any NVG - Neural Implant Vision Enhancement Weapons - M-8 Avenger, M-15 Vindicator, (S)M-76 Revenant, (S)M-97 Viper, (S)ML-78 Missle Launcher, M-3 Predator, M-4 Shuriken Force Recon Sergeant/Corporal Uniform - Ajax Alliance uniform (multicam) Vest - Ajax Armor (Alliance multicam) Helmet - Alliance / Open Helmet (multicam) Backpack - Invisible backpack (any) AN/PRC-515/521 for long range Eyewear - Any NVG - Neural Implant Vision Enhancement Weapons - M-8 Avenger/M-GL, M-15 Vindicator, M-3 Predator, M-6 Carnifex Alliance Navy Pilot Uniform - Ajax Alliance uniform (Cavalry any) Vest - (hidden) Integrated Protection (any) Helmet - Alliance / Open Helmet (Cavalry) Backpack - Invisible backpack (any) AN/PRC-515/521 for long range Eyewear - Any NVG - Neural Implant Vision Enhancement Weapons - M-8 Avenger, M-15 Vindicator, M-3 Predator
  4. NeilZar

    Operation Birth Certificate

    Mission 2: Operation Birth Certificate After the Rebel attack in the previous mission, Trump wants to get rid of those little pests. So he called for a Spec Ops mission on a Rebel outpost at Matacan found after the Rebel attack. Images taken of the area using an UAV also show a large presence of Rebel forces in the town of Faunaverde. Objective: Secure the intel at Matacan and liberate the town of Faunaverde. Success conditions: Intel has been recovered from Matacan Town of Faunaverde has been liberated of Rebel forces Failure conditions: More than 3 hostages die Intel is not recovered and Hostages are not rescued Slots to be assigned beforehand: Platoon Leader: Netheral 2IC (optional): FAC: Anden3 RTO: Pilots Heli (x4): Chuck Yeager, Seami, PVT. J. Mohammed Prophet Sniper (DMR): Fidelias Spotter: V1rU5 Vehicle Crew (x4) Vericht, Lokyar, Cyico Hostage: Zoltar Privileged person: Leftymonster Other Info: All feedback of the first mission has been fixed in this mission, so DMR and medics work now. *EDIT* No Heavy Weapons squad!

    WW2 Local Host

    I am looking to do a local host for a WW2 event, it will use a slimmer fk modset with two additions, (the preset can be found here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!At3fen2oXVnzgo8ZvGcUsslQGiqZQg to use it download it and open it with a browser, additionally import it using the Arma 3 launcher.) The idea will be to take the Island below from the Japanese (you being the USMC). You will use landing craft to secure green beach and then pushing up securing key areas of this island, You will have the use of planes, tanks, mechanised vehicles and artillery fire from the ships off the shore. Respawns will be unlimited and once Green Beach is secure respawns and tanks will be able to be spawned there. At Alphas decision they can use landing craft as respawns to attack other beachheads. This will be capped at 32 players plus 2 Zeus', may add three additional slots for ammo runners but we see. If we end up with enough time we will then look at hosting a second mission with another Zues. Tags will be enforced and RSVP will take priority. Server Rules will apply and anyone seen to be deliberately breaking server rules will be kicked from this event and all future local hosts as well as reported (this is mainly said as people act like animals on local hosts). Certain rules like bolt actions will be waved as well its ww2, plus some rules will be added, ie Zues enforced uniform, weapon, ect to stop the people who will take a m16 with eod vest cause they are really funny and cool and i wish i was like them so somebody likes me. If we dont get enough player to run this mission a smaller op is planned on a woodland map, however, dependant upon numbers this mission will be run with either fewer units or if it feels too empty a small number of zues controlled ai to add to the mermaid (immersion). The map below shows the suggested/likely plan of attack to secure all of the objectives. Hopefully ill see you all there! Assets: 2 x Tonk 1 or 2 x Flyboi 3 x squads maybe messengers or ammo carriers Alot of landing craft for tonks and people
  6. Guest

    Operation: Scorched Earth

    17 June, 1987 The past month has been hell for us. USSR forces launched a surprise attack on Iraqi forces, looking to capture our plentiful natural resources. They've pushed us back to our main HQ at the Al Amarah Airbase, and are planning to attack us within a weeks time to finish the job. Brothers, we are going to launch on surprise attack on the traitorous USSR whilst they are preparing to attack us. For the freedom of Iraq! Around the objectives there's either Anti-Tank or Anti-Air emplacements, working together will help get rid of them quickly. There is a large amount of BTR's, BMP's, T-72's, Mi-8's. Mi-24's and possibly small group of MiG's. Be careful. For some objectives, there will be our minefields, most are marked with signs, but some are not. Assets: 1 x T-72B [BULL] 1 x BTR-80 [VULTURE] 4 x Mi-8MT [OSPREY] 3 x T-72B [BEAR] 1 x ZSU-23-4 [VIPER] 1 x BMP-2 [VIPER] 1 x UH-1Y Spec Ops Squad [PANTHER] 1 x Mi-24M [JACKAL] 2 x HEMTT (Engineer/Mine Clearing/RRR) [WOLF MOTHER] 1 x Artillery Battery (Zeus Controlled) [FALCON] THIS IS A ZEUS'D MISSION Slot reservation (68 slots): BE AWARE - TAG RULES STILL APPLIES. YOU WILL GET THE SLOT IF NONE OF THE TAG HOLDERS WANT THE SLOT OR WILL NOT ATTEND THE MISSION AND THERE ARE ONLY 68 SLOTS, NO ATTACHEES, IF A TAG HOLDER ASKS FOR A SLOT THAT YOU HAVE, YOU WILL BE PLACED AS RESERVE SLOTS WILL BE FINALIZED 1 HOUR BEFORE MISSION START Armour Command [BULL] Commander (Lead): Digby Gunner (2iC): NeilZar Driver (Medic): Reserve: Grimm [Fox] Air Command [VULTURE] Commander (Lead): Toasty Gunner (2iC): Reserve: Fred Driver (Medic): Spartan_MiniMe Air Platoon [OSPREY] Osprey 1-1: Pilot: Reserve: Fletch Lead: Reserve: ChaosShadowWolfe (Might be late) 2iC: Medic: Auto Rifleman: SMPureParadise Assistant Auto Rifleman: kkbuilder AT/AA Specialist: ColonelHoagie Osprey 1-2: Pilot: Reserve: Shroomzeh Lead: Reserve: Vipercode 2iC: Reserve: XavierPony Medic: Conga Auto Rifleman: Guest Assistant Auto Rifleman: Beren AT/AA Specialist: Mrkosak Osprey 1-3: Pilot: Reserve: C-O-B-R-A Lead: 2iC: Reserve: Dirk Gently Medic: Linnet Auto Rifleman: Joala Assistant Auto Rifleman: SunnyLemon AT/AA Specialist: CrazyMissy Osprey 1-4: Pilot: Reserve: Mohammed Lead: Reserve: JackofAllPC 2iC: Medic: Neroxen Autorifleman: Crillekarl Assistant Autorifleman: thePier (Going to be a bit late) AT/AA Specialist: Kabige Armour Platoon [BEAR] Bear 1-1: Commander: Tomo Gunner: Pychopozzie Driver: Benji/Winters Bear 1-2: Commander: Reserve: DarkisWolfen Gunner: Reserve: Viking Driver: Reserve: Murky Bear 1-3: Commander: Reserve: Nugget30 Gunner: Reserve: Declan Driver: Reserve: Monarda AA/AI Squad: [VIPER] Viper 1-1 (AI): Commander: Cyico Gunner: Reserve: Unidigit Driver: Reserve: CitrusJerry Viper 1-2 (AA): Commander: Reserve: Legendo Gunner: Reserve: AndyT90 Driver: Reserve: Mekboy_4000 RRR/Engineer Trucks [WOLF MOTHER] Commander: Timberhawk Driver: Simon3373 Driver: Dog Engineer: Fazecat Engineer: thebf3fan Spec ops Squad [LEOPARD] Pilot: Trinoc Lead: Chefla 2iC: Reserve: Lexic Medic: Gditz AT Specialist: Krieg Autorifleman: Weegie Assistant Autorifleman: BigT Attack Heli [JACKAL] Gunner: BonSie Pilot: Oirien Artillery Battery [FALCON] ZEUS CONTROLLED
  7. until
    THIS IS LOCAL HOSTED NORMAL FK RULES DO NOT APPLY (I had a hangover, and stayed off the PC all day yesterday(monday), so it has been been pushed a little longer, refer to the date above) This is basically the Hunger Games. FORMAT: You will start SOLO. You will start in a circle in the middle, no one being able to move until the sound of the cannon fire. Upon the fire of the cannon, all may move, and you will be allowed to either run into the middle, to grab gear, or turn around and book it away from the middle. Last man standing wins There will be ZEUS "GIFTS" and CMs may give ONE gift to any person in the game, other than themselves. They decide from a premade list. TEAMING: It is allowed, but only one can win, so... Good luck. And no. I don't care if you will both kill yourself. I'm not human, I'm a machine.
  8. Netheral

    The Great FK Festival Vol. 3 - Team Mayhem

    The curtains rise again for the shit fest called FK Festival This time, grab your most beloved mates and team up to achieve supremacy on the server. This time all events will be held in a 3-Person-Tagteam-Deathmatch style! - This means: PLEASE TRY TO GET INTO GROUPS BEFORE! THE ACTUAL FESTIVAL! 3 People per team! The Events this time will be: - The Pirates of the Ca... Arma(TM) Arr, get in ye boaty, plunder ye booty and sink thy enemy. But... why's the rum gone? - Royal Rumble "Tank Edition" Gear up with Javelins and mount up in 60 tons of democracy! - Tank down? No problem. The word is: Last Man Standing. - You are free to engage with your AT once your vehicle is down - Air Space Supremacy Load up into some Blackhawks with your trusty door gunners... and kill everything in your way! Same Server and Teamspeak as always
  9. Jerichron

    Republic Commandos #1 (The First Day)

    ++MISSION BRIEFING++ "Clone troopers are well disciplined. Even the Alpha-batch ARC troopers—surly though they are—are predictable, in the sense that Fett gave them precise orders that they continue to obey. But the commando batches are almost as unpredictable as the Nulls, and the Nulls are as good as being Skirata's private army. That's the problem with having intelligent clones trained by a ragbag of undisciplined thugs—they've turned out at best idiosyncratic, at worst disobedient. But they'll probably win the war for us. Tolerate them." ―Assessment of Republic Commando cadre by Director of Special Forces general Arligan Zey "not even you can see into hyperspace, Sev" The War has begun all those years in the simulations and the time has finally come to prove yourselves on the battlefield. Whilst our main forces engage the Separatists on the ground and in orbit your squad is tasked with infiltrating a rearmament and refuelling station supplying a nearby core ship and planting charges on critical points in its infrastructure. These points are the two primary power couplings located to the north of the main complex structure and the main supply shaft itself. There is a heavy droid and Geonosian presence in the area however air support and off-site artillery may be made available to you if you require assistance. Best of Luck Clones well see you on the surface... ++BRIEFING COMPLETED++ MISSION SUMMARY: This will be a heavily themed mission with elements taken from the Clone Wars in the Star Wars Universe. The mission will be making use of the Arma 3 mods Star Wars Opposition, Legion Studios Base and 3AS which will be posted as well at the bottom of this event page in a compiled list. Weaponry within the mission will be restricted to Clone Wars Era/Faction based weaponry and will be restricted per your chosen role. Tags for applicable roles are being enforced and will not be different from standard slotting. Squad Structure and PTLN structure have been changed to accommodate the theme and structure of operations in the Clone Wars. ++SLOTTING++ (TAGS & REGS PRIORITIZED) (RESERVED SLOTS MAY BE OVERWRITTEN BY TAG-HOLDERS) (FINAL SAY IS AT EVENT HOSTS DISCRETION) REPUBLIC COMMANDO SQUAD: RC Lead (SL TAGS): @Silberjojo RC Tech Specialist (REGS+): @colt92 RC Marksman (REGS+): @andyt90 RC Demolitions Specialist (REGS+): @Griffin68965 --SLOTTING-- ++RESTRICTIONS++ Only Weapons and equipment from the Legion Base and 3AS mods may be used within the mission. Looting of enemy primary weapons and equipment is permitted. All equipment from the 501st mod is prohibited. --RESTRICTIONS-- ++EQUIPMENT++ Note: FK Weaponry and equipment rules remain in effect for this mission. Uniform: Katarn I Clone Commando Armor. Helmet: Katarn I Clone Commando Helmet. Primary: - DC-17M Blaster. Secondary: - DC-15SA Blaster Pistol. Attachments: - DC-17M Blaster Attachment (All). - DC-17M Sniper Attachment (Marksman). - DC-17M Anti-Armor Attachment (Demolitions Specialist). Optics: - DC-17M Sniper Scope. Recommended Equipment: - Portable Holomap. - C7 Explosive Foam. - C12 Explosive Charges. - Colored Smokes. --EQUIPMENT-- MISSION REQUIREMENTS: SERVER INFO : Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server IP: arma4.fkservers.eu Port: 2402 Password: On Request Modset
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