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  1. until
    THIS IS LOCAL HOSTED NORMAL FK RULES DO NOT APPLY (I had a hangover, and stayed off the PC all day yesterday(monday), so it has been been pushed a little longer, refer to the date above) This is basically the Hunger Games. FORMAT: You will start SOLO. You will start in a circle in the middle, no one being able to move until the sound of the cannon fire. Upon the fire of the cannon, all may move, and you will be allowed to either run into the middle, to grab gear, or turn around and book it away from the middle. Last man standing wins There will be ZEUS "GIFTS" and CMs may give ONE gift to any person in the game, other than themselves. They decide from a premade list. TEAMING: It is allowed, but only one can win, so... Good luck. And no. I don't care if you will both kill yourself. I'm not human, I'm a machine.
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