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  1. Netheral

    The Great FK Festival Vol. 3 - Team Mayhem

    The curtains rise again for the shit fest called FK Festival This time, grab your most beloved mates and team up to achieve supremacy on the server. This time all events will be held in a 3-Person-Tagteam-Deathmatch style! - This means: PLEASE TRY TO GET INTO GROUPS BEFORE! THE ACTUAL FESTIVAL! 3 People per team! The Events this time will be: - The Pirates of the Ca... Arma(TM) Arr, get in ye boaty, plunder ye booty and sink thy enemy. But... why's the rum gone? - Royal Rumble "Tank Edition" Gear up with Javelins and mount up in 60 tons of democracy! - Tank down? No problem. The word is: Last Man Standing. - You are free to engage with your AT once your vehicle is down - Air Space Supremacy Load up into some Blackhawks with your trusty door gunners... and kill everything in your way! Same Server and Teamspeak as always
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