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TvT Zeus Mission


Mission Planner

Event details

Factions: Russia (MSV) vs US Army Rangers

Terrain: Altis


Mission Brief: The United States and The Russian Federation are at war for a region of Altis. Each side has landed troops from their main armies, and has been annexing cities and expanding their influence to gain majority over the last week; US in the South, Russia in the North. The key to either sides Victory is holding 3 Objective Sites in the A.O.

Mission Critical Information:

  • NO Civilians will be present in the A.O.
  • Towns can be Captured, Lost and Captured again, as many times as before Mission End.

House Rules:

  • No Suppressors/Flash Suppressors,
  • No Thermal Imaging (including assets),
  • You cannot capture enemy Assets/Vehicles.
  • Grenades are limited to 2 Per Player, White Smokes are Limited to One. (Squad Leaders can take Green/Red Marking Smokes (2 each)).
  • Underslung 40mm HE Grenades are limited to 4 Per Team Leader.
  • Entrenching Tools ARE allowed and are encouraged.

Russian MSV Equipment:

  • Uniform: EMR-Summer (MSV)
  • Helmet: 6B27M / 6B27M EMR-Summer (Any Variant)
  • Vest: 6B23 EMR-Summer (Any Variant)

Russian MSV Weapons:

  • Weapons: AK-74M (Team Leaders: AK-74M (GP-25)) (Auto-Riflemen: PKP)
  • Attachments: None (DTK is fine).
  • Optics: PK-AS / EKP-1S-03 (Squad/Team Leaders: PSO-1M2-1 (Optional)) (Auto-Riflemen: 1P29)
  • Launchers: RPG-26 (MAT: RPG-7V2 w/ PGO-7V3 Scope)

Russian MSV Assets/Vehicles

  • 2x T-80UE-1 Main Battle Tanks (6x Crew).


US Equipment:

  • Uniform: Combat Uniform UCP
  • Helmet: ACH UCP (Any Variant)
  • Vest: IOTV ("YourRoleHere"/UCP) (If you are Rifleman/LAT take (Rifleman/UCP))

US Weapons:

  • Weapons: M4A1 (Team Leaders: M4A1 (M203S)) (Auto-Riflemen: M249 PIP (Short))
  • Attachments: TD Vertical Grip (Optional)
  • Optics: M68 CCO / XPS3 (Squad/Team Leaders: M150 RCO (Any Variant)) (Auto-Riflemen: M145 MGO)
  • Launchers: M136 HEAT (MAT: MK153 Mod 0 SMAW w/ SWAM Sight Optic)

US Vehicles/Assets:

  • 2x M1A1SA (TUSK I) Abram Main Battle Tanks (6x Crew).


Faction Victory:

  • Whoever Holds 2-3 Settlements at 1hr 30min Mark wins the Game.


  • Both Sides will have 2 Waves, one at the 30 Minute and one at the 60 Minute Mark.


  • Mission will be run from Server #1. Replacing Zeus Ops.
  • If the Player Turn-Out is too low for this Operation, then a alternative using the Same Equipment/Gear will be made on the day.



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