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Factions: Russia (MSV) vs FIA Guerillas

Terrain: Altis


Mission Brief: Russian Occupation Forces in Altis have been struggling to pacify a Guerrilla Movement known as the Freedom and Independence Army. The separatist faction is made up of nationalist civilians and former AAF soldiers that refused to lay down their arms after the surrender of the Country's Army 7 weeks ago. Starting with asymmetrical raids and ambushes on Russian Convoys and Installations, the FIA's tactics have shifted over the last week to the occupation of Key Strategic Sites and Military Hardpoints; as such, the FIA have annexed the Northern Village of Frini, forcing a Northern Operations Outpost to close, giving the FIA a huge advantage in the Northern most provinces. With a majority of Russian Forces already deployed in counter-terrorism and peace keeping operations, Russian High Command has dispatched a Motorised Task Force to pacify the FIA Guerrillas in the village.

Mission Critical Information:

  • Due to Extensive Firefights between FIA Troops and Russian Forces, the village of Frini and the Operating Base have both suffered substantial damage. Due to the Damage to Civilian Infrastructure, the A.O. is free of none-combatants. 
  • FIA Troops have used the rubble and debris created during the Firefight to fortify and barricade the village from a Southern attack.

House Rules:

  • No Suppressors/Flash Suppressors,
  • No Thermal Imaging (including assets),
  • No Night Vision Equipment (BTR's are exempt from this Rule). 
  • You cannot capture enemy Assets/Vehicles.
  • Grenades are limited to 2 Per Player, White Smokes are Limited to 2. (Squad Leaders can take Green/Red Marking Smokes (2 each)).
  • Underslung 40mm HE Grenades are limited to 4 Per Team Leader.
  • Entrenching Tools are NOT allowed for FIA Forces (Russian Forces may use them as normal).

Russian MSV Equipment:

  • Uniform: Flora (MSV)
  • Helmet: 6B27M / 6B27M Flora (Any Variant)
  • Vest: 6B23 (Any Varient) (Must be a Flora-based Camo)
  • Backpacks: UMBTS Backpack / Sidor

Russian MSV Weapons:

  • Primary Weapons: AK-74M (Team Leaders: AK-74M (GP-25)) (Auto-Riflemen: PKM)
  • Sidearms: MP-443 (Optional)
  • Attachments: None (Just the Muzzle Adaptor the Rifle comes with).
  • Optics: None.
  • Launchers: RPG-26 or RShG-2.

Russian MSV Assets/Vehicles

  • 2x BTR-80 APC's (2-3x Crew Each)


FIA Equipment:

  • Uniform: Take any Guerrilla Variant Clothing (Guerrilla Apparel / Garment / Outfits / Smocks / Uniform - Each solider should look somewhat unique).
  • Helmet: Bandannas / Booniehats / Caps / Beanies and the like. (No Helmets).
  • Vest: Chest Rig (Any Colour) / Slash Bandoleers (Any Variant) (Squad/Team Leaders: Tactical Vests (Any Variant)).
  • Backpacks: Field Packs / Carryalls (Any Variant).

FIA Weapons:

  • Weapons: AK-74 / AKS-74 / AKS-74U / AKM / AKMN / AKMS (Team Leaders: Can take any of these weapons with a GP-25 Variant) (Auto-Riflemen: Izhmash RPK74).
  • Sidearms: PM (Optional).
  • Attachments: None (Just the Muzzle Adaptor the Rifle comes with).
  • Optics: None.
  • Launchers: RPG-26 or RShG-2.

FIA Vehicles/Assets:

  • 2x Technical 50.cal Pickups (2x Crew Each)


Victory Conditions:

  • As long as Russian Forces are actively contesting control of Frini, the mission will NOT end (contesting means having soldiers in the village attempting to gain ground).
  • If the Russians recede into a passive-aggressive role (due to extensive casualties or an inability to crack the enemy defence), the Russian attack will be considered repelled, resulting in an FIA Victory (This can only happen if the Operation has been running longer then One-Hour).
  • If the Russians are able to occupy Frini, and the remaining FIA Forces cannot eveict them, the Russians achieve Victory.
  • If either side reduces the opponents tickets to zero, the automatically win the game.


  • There will be ONE Respawn Wave for each side at a pre-determined QRF Point. (Each Platoon Leader can call this in via Long Range Radios).
  • Assets will be respawned along with other reinforcements.


  • Mission will be run from Server #1. Replacing Zeus Ops.
  • If the Player Turn-Out is too low for this Operation, then a alternative using the Same Equipment/Gear will be made on the day.


Recommended Comments

Conga Line of Neckbeards


Just now, Locky said:

Sorry my guerilla brothers.. power cut till apparently 11pm... on a Friday evening of course

You, sir, are a coward and a traitor!


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I get an error saying something like "looks like task force radio addon not enabled for 0.8 or lower" I downloaded TFAR yesterday and it worked fine, sorry for the inconvinience.

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