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Factions: Takistan Armed Forces vs United States Army

Terrain: Takistan (1930 Hours)


Mission Brief: Following a series of Bombardments by US Forces, the Military Occupied Airfield of North Rasman has been taken out of service; with Takistani Jets and Helicopters no longer able to effectively operate in the Northern most provinces, the US has mobilised a large Mechanised Task Force to secure the "North Road". This road is the only paved MSR (Main Supply Route) to run through the North-Western theatre of Takistan making it crucial for logistics, therefore it will be the focus of the US advance towards the Town of Rasman. Nestled just south of the Town, in amongst civilian infrastructure, is a Takistan National Army Military Outpost; this outpost isn't particularly well defended, but is the first major obstacle before Rasman. After the Outpost is overcome, continue the push North and Capture the Town of Rasman from Takistani Troops.

This is a hearts and minds operation. We are here to destabilise a regime, not legitimise its presence. Civilians will be present in the A.O. but will not be counted as hostile unless armed. If US Forces cause excessive/unnecessary civilian casualties, then local pro-government insurgents will rally to assist Takistani Forces, if this happens expect: ambushes, suicide bombers, and civilians to pass intelligence on U.S. Troop Movements to Takistani Forces.

Mission Critical Information:

  • Takistani Soldiers have forced several civilians in the A.O. to remain in their houses. The Rules of Engagement prevent US Troops from firing/killing on unarmed civilians or non-combatants, as such, civilian buildings occupied by Takistani Troops MUST NOT be engaged with Heavy Weapons (M2A3 Auto-Cannon, M136 Rockets or 50.cal Ammunition etc.), and instead must be cleared by Breaching Teams.
  • As stated, if enough Civilians are killed by U.S. Troops then Local Insurgents will aid the Takistani Armed Forces. You can still overpower both factions and complete your objective, but it will be much harder.
  • Several Aircraft and Ammunition Dumps from the Airfield are still burning after the U.S. Bombardment and are generating a lot of smoke which is drifting over the A.O. creating light "fog-like" conditions.
  • Due to Ammo Cook-off and UXO's (Unexploded Ordinance) from US Artillery, the Airfield is temporarily out of bounds to both forces. You can attempt to cross it, but expect casualties.

House Rules:

  • No Suppressors/Flash Suppressors,
  • No Thermal Imaging (including assets),
  • No Night Vision Equipment (Including Assets)
  • You cannot capture enemy Assets/Vehicles.
  • Grenades are limited to 2 Per Player, White Smokes are Limited to 2. (Squad Leaders can take Green/Red Marking Smokes (2 each)).
  • Underslung 40mm HE Grenades are limited to 4 Per Team Leader.
  • Entrenching Tools are allowed and are encouraged.
  • US Squad Leaders can designate One of your LAT Guys to be a Pointman, he loses his Rocket Launcher, but is able to bring a Shotgun (Buckshot Only) and carry 4 Flashbang Grenades (replacing his 2 Frags).

Takistan Armed Forces Equipment:

  • Uniform: M88 (Olive or Tan Variants) (Each Squad can take a mix)
  • Helmet: [PO]SSh68 Steel Helmet (Grey or Tan Variants) (Each Squad can take a mix)
  • Vest: [PO[6Sh92 (Any Varient in either Woodland or Olive Colour) (Each Squad can take a mix)
  • Backpacks: Sidor / RPG Carrier

Takistan Armed Forces Weapons:

  • Primary Weapons: AKM (Team Leaders: Take (GP-25) Variants) (Auto-Riflemen: PKM)
  • Sidearms: None
  • Attachments: None (Just the Muzzle Adaptor the Rifle comes with).
  • Optics: None.
  • Launchers: 1x RPG-7V2 No Optic (PG-7VL and/or OG-7V Rounds Only) and 1x RPG-26 Per Squad.

Takistan Armed Forces Assets/Vehicles:

  • 2x T-55 Medium Tanks (3x Crew Each) (Reminder: Hold TAB to Zero the Gun) There is a bug with the T-55 Gunner Sight, it has an easy work around.


United States Equipment:

  • Uniform: Combat Uniform OCP (1st Cavalry)
  • Helmet: ACH OEF-CP (Any Variant)
  • Vest: IOTV ("YourRoleHere"/OCP) (If you are Rifleman/LAT take (Rifleman/OCP))
  • Backpacks: Eagle A-III OEF-CP / Falcon-II MC

United States Weapons:

  • Weapons:  M4A1 (Team Leaders: M4A1 (M203S)) (Auto-Riflemen: M249 PIP (Short))
  • Sidearms: M9 Beretta (Optional).
  • Attachments: TD Vertical Grip (Optional) / Flashlights
  • Optics: M68 CCO / XPS3
  • Launchers: M136 HEAT

United States Vehicles/Assets:

  • 1x M2A3 (BUSK I) (3x Crew)
  • 1x M2A2ODS (BUSK I) (3x Crew)


Victory Conditions:

  • BLUFOR Must Capture the City of Rasman to win. OPFOR Win if they hold for 1hr30m.
  • If either side reduces the opponents tickets to zero, they automatically win the game.


  • There will be TWO Respawn Waves for each side at a pre-determined QRF Point. (Each Platoon Leader can call this in via Long Range Radios).
  • Assets will be respawned along with other reinforcements.


  • Mission will be run from Server #1. Replacing Zeus Ops.
  • If the Player Turn-Out is too low for this Operation, then a alternative using the Same Equipment/Gear will be made on the day.


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It doesn't say if there are, or aren't slot reservations, however, I would like M2A3 TUSK II CMDR if it's going.

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