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The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend


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Right then fuckers I'm back.

Dual Platoon Mission time!  This will be PvE, but the two platoons will be working against each other.  This does not mean PvP, and direct engagements are strictly forbidden by the rules and the mission.  Now time for some m'immersion.




Both US and Russian forces have established island airfields off the coast of Unspecifiedistan (United Sahrani), and mean to make an assault and establish a further foothold in the region.  To this end, both will need to take a beachhead/coastal town, and establish a FOB.  From here they will move on to deal damaging blows to the enemies operations, before racing each other to secure some highly important scientists working on some tech that could be used against the others in future.

Enemies are the local government forces.  They have access to everything a conventional military would have access to, bar fixed wing assets.

As the enemy is fighting a war on two fronts, things that happen on one side will affect the other.  Keep this in mind, and do your best to win this arms race!

In short, for both:

  1. Establish beachhead
  2. Cripple enemy strongholds
  3. Secure Scientists before the other Platoon (this must be done after the above)

NB. Although the Russians have one more objective marker, the workload will be the same.



  • Land transport for the two will be shipped inland once a FOB is established.  HMMVs and GAZs!
  • Respawns will be at Zeus discretion
  • Enemy has access to everything bar fixed wing.
  • Limited to no civilians
  • No mines - this is their country!
  • Tracking will be disabled
  • AA will be limited - occasional manpads
  • Asset RRR will be available via trucks.  No use of the RRR pad at spawn is allowed.





US2x Blackhawk - switching to 1x Apache 64D

RUS2x Mi-8s - switching to 1x Mi-28


Gear Restrictions


US should take appropriate BLUFOR/USAF Gear.

Camo: OCP

Weapons: M4 family, AR any rhs blue gun 7.62 and under.

RUS should take appropriate OPFOR/VDV Gear.

Camo: Emr-summer

Weapons: Ak family, AR any rhs red gun 7.62 and under.


Long-Range Rules


Long Range setup as follows:

  • Platoon Leaders and Zeus, Technical Issues only - 69


  • General Comms - 68
  • Air Comms - 67


  • General Comms - 66
  • Air Comms - 65

No swapping to other side radio channels.  You will be smited and removed from the mission.

Addendum: You may scramble and choose a different radio frequency to maintain obscurity if you want, but you must inform Main Zeus (Tomo) of this.


Slot Reservation (These can only be reserved by tagholders)  Platoon slots can be reserved by those with any leadership tag, with certain ones taking priority.  (SL, FAC, RTO, Commander etc)


Platoon Lead: @SABER

FAC: @Trinoc

[Both in PltHQ]

Alpha Lead:

Bravo Lead:

Charlie Lead: @Gditz

1-1 Pilot (Later 2-1 Pilot): @Mittens

1-2 Pilot (Later 2-1 Gunner): @C-O-B-R-A

[Both slotting in Prophet]



Platoon Lead: @Silberjojo


[Both in KNGT]

Delta Lead:

Echo Lead:

Foxtrot Lead:

1-1 Pilot (Later 2-1 Pilot): @Barcuck Osama

1-2 Pilot (Later 2-1 Gunner): @BonSie

[Both slotting in Mortar]  Both players above have CC tags, can be overruled by pilot tags.

Recommended Comments

US Pilot, I don’t mind being either pilot or crew chief, so if another tag holder asks for pilot I’ll go crew chief.

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22 minutes ago, Jacob_Waltz said:

RUS FAC please, if I'm not too late.

A) Too late

B) Read the slotting rules

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