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Operation: Fuck You

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This mission will be obnoxiously hard.  It will be heavily restrictive and there will be salt.  I do not expect it to be completed successfully, unless coordination the likes of which FK has never seen is achieved.  Good luck.

I have been thinking about making a mission like this for a while, since about December.  I've never gotten around to actually doing it though, until now.




This is a story set in a fictional time and place, because I am no historian.  However it is old, around WW2 and later.  Do not expect full accuracy to anything though.

You are a Company Minus stationed in Fictionalberg.  It is the middle of the night when the enemy suddenly launches an attack on 3 of your major bases, from all directions.  You must get your sorry asses out of bed and defend.  It is pitch black and you have limited light sources, bar two light mortars with illumination rounds.  Leadership will decide where to divy friendly units to defend each location before going through the pole.  If you survive the onslaught, you will interrogate enemy survivors to find out where this push came from, and strike back.  



There are some important caveats that go with this mission.  Follow them all.

  1. No GPS
  2. No NVGs
  3. Follow the gear loadouts to the letter
  4. No drawing on the map at all after briefing (muh immersion)
  5. No Long-Range Radios at all. 
  6. No Short-Range radios unless in a "radio" role or mortar asst.
  7. No weapon scopes
  8. MAX 10 magazines for Bolt Actions.  MAX 5 for sidearm. AR Team, MAX 800 Rounds
  9. Binoculars ONLY for SL and AAR ("Binoculars" only, no rangefinders etc)
  10. Only 1 entrenching tool per squad, OR 30 sandbags.
  11. Do not steal or scavange enemy weapons.

Slots (TAGHOLDERS ONLY for reservation):

Platoon Leader: @OneMadPanda, 2iC tags

Platoon Radio OP: @Barcuck Osama

Platoon "RTO":


Alpha Lead:

Alpha Radio OP:

Bravo Lead:

Bravo Radio OP:

Charlie Lead: @Gditz

Charlie Radio OP:

Delta Lead:

Delta Radio OP:

Echo Lead:

Echo Radio OP:

Foxtrot Lead:

Foxtrot Radio OP:

DISCLAIMER: If numbers are low and a squad needs to be dropped, Fox will go first.


MRTR 1 Gunner: @Tobe tub

MRTR 1 Assistant: @Mittens

MRTR 2 Gunner: 

MRTR 2 Assistant:




Camo: BDU Olive Drab

Vest: PLCE Webbing Olive [BAF]  NOT the plate version

Helmet: Any M1 variant

Backpack: Carryall Olive [BAF]

Primary (No rail or scope): Karabiner 98 Kurz / Mosin Nagant M38 / M1903A1  | AutoRifleman: Mauser MG42

Secondary: M1911A1

Launcher: M72A7

Medical Supplies: As normal.

Grenades: 2 Frag, 2 Smoke, 1 Flare.

Ammo: MAX 10 magazines for Bolt Actions.  MAX 5 for sidearm. AR Team, MAX 800 Rounds

Misc: Maglights or Chemlights + Shields are allowed. 1 each max.



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Posted (edited)

That actually looks really fun!

Ill take mrtr 1 assistant tags, 


Edited by EHOPPPS

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7 minutes ago, Kalagen said:

Gib alpha squad lead

I luv u bby but 2ic togs don't mean stuff with main SL roles anymore soz :(

Just turn up on the day and you're likely to get it 

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6 hours ago, Major_Third said:

Alpha Radio Op por favor


Do you have any relevant tags friend? SL, 2iC, RTO etc

If not then no reservations for you I'm afraid 

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