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World War 2 Local Host Off Hours

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Event details

This event will function as a standard off hours mission and will be ran AFTER SECOND MAIN, FK Rules still apply and will be enforced. Zeus will be picked via straw poll at time of event.  


  • 2IC's will function as radio operators, meaning that he will be the only member of a squad with a long range radio. Exceptions to this would be the platoon lead (even if in a squad) and vehicle commanders. (recommend using the US SCR-300 RADIO)
  • no short range radios whatsoever.
  • May take deployable weapons like the M1919 and Lewis Guns instead of a normal AR. 
  • NO GPS
  • NO NVG, you may take the cosmetic items in the NVG slot though as they do not provide night vision.
  • No digital rangefinders, there are a variety of bino's to choose from.
  • And of course NO MODERN GEAR WHATSOEVER!!! Its World War 2, Immerse yourself. 

MAP LIST (will be updated)

Below is a list of all the current templates I'v made for use in this event. Again big thanks for @Mingy for letting me use his zeus template as a base I'v built all mine out of. Whoever zeus's please keep in mind all these templates are blufor so you will have to change player side depending on who we're fighting. 

  1. Altis
  2. Aachen Outskirts
  3. Berlin Streets
  4. Colleville (Plus Winter)
  5. Henderson
  6. Hyde
  7. Neaville (Plus Winter)
  8. Omaha
  9. Panovo (Plus Winter)
  10. Zargabad
  11. Ardennes (Plus Winter)
  12. Baranow (Plus Winter)
  13. Ihantala (Plus Winter)


Please only load these mods, my local host settings should not block optional mods like blastcore but to ensure that we can troubleshoot effectively if things go wrong try to stick to this modset. 


Recommended Comments

Will this just be one mission? Will it have a set end time? I know you're becoming much more busy but I'd love to play for more than one mission!

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On ‎14‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 16:44, Colek said:

Will this just be one mission? Will it have a set end time? I know you're becoming much more busy but I'd love to play for more than one mission!

One basically guaranteed mission, we can keep going if we have the players for it so if you're able try to ask others to join. I do plan to do another if this goes well of course.

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