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    Hi there, and welcome to Fuck Knows! FK is a community that plays a whole host of games in many different ways, but one of the key binding factors within FK is our love for ARMA 3 Missions. What we call our playstyle has always been a hot topic. And it is difficult to give it a name. Therefore we would rather describe it.

    How it all started

    Most people know about us from SovietWomble, Cyanide and the others at ZF. It is how we started off, as a group of friends playing with the ZF guys and having some fun. Back in October 2016, FK got its own Teamspeak server to host Arma 3 missions and around that time was also the inception of FK. Up to that point, it was very much unnamed, and we changed names almost every week. And at that point, we started growing. First, it was a slow climb, but after a few months Soviet uploaded a new video, and now after more than a year we are at over 5000 members. And a lot has changed in that time, most importantly the way we approach our community and Arma. Our community grew from an Arma community to a Gaming community with Arma as its primary focus. We expect that anyone that comes plays Arma with us remembers how we started, as a group of friends just having some fun simulating the military in their unique way. In the end, that has never changed, and our playstyle is unique. There is just one thing to keep in mind when playing.

    The Bullshitteries

    The Arma Bullshitteries by Sovietwomble is how most of our members know us, but the bullshitteries are not our missions. What you see in the bullshitteries is only 5% of the actual missions we play. We like to keep a bit of a serious attitude up while playing, but we don't shy away from making a joke or two when there is nothing to do. But you need to remember that the bullshitteries are all moments that happened in our missions, they weren't acted out or forced. We don't like it when people think of our community as a community where we only make jokes and mess around. We mess around so now and then when we are out of combat, but once we move out, we take it seriously and try to get the mission completed.

    When you play our missions, remember this: "Take the mission seriously and the fun will come." Don't force jokes, that has never been and will never be fun. All bullshitteries are random moments that randomly happened while playing the missions; they were never forced.

    How we play

    We incorporate many different aspects of what is most commonly known as "MilSim", or Military Simulation, into how we play. Now, before anyone goes "Oh no, it's that word, does this mean I have to salute people and such?", it's probably best if we take a look at what MilSim actually is. Many people have the misconception that MilSim is all about people having ranks, you having superiors that you have to listen to, and otherwise generally behaving as if you were in an actual army. While that makes up a part of MilSim, that is in fact only the serious role-playing side of it, ramping the role-play to a 7 out of 10, if you would. However, MilSim is so much more than that, and it doesn't have to involve the super serious role-play. Anything that simulates any type of military force or armed conflict is, in fact, MilSim, ranging from airsoft and paintball, to ARMA 3 and even Call of Duty to a degree. As such, just by playing ARMA 3, you're already taking your first steps into MilSim. Unless you play Altis Life. But we don't talk about that.

    So hopefully we've alleviated most of the "Oh no, Milsim" fears, let's get into which parts of MilSim we actually incorporate. The biggest and most important aspect that we incorporate is the in-game military structure and chain of command. What we mean by that is that when we're in our missions, the playable slots are structured in such a way to emulate a platoon, albeit a company-sized one. As such, there's going to be the man in charge of the friendly forces in the mission, you'll have squads who have squad leaders, and there'll be the in-mission chain of command that we expect people to follow. That being said, it's not always going to be a single platoon, and it may not always be "serious", so to speak. Even we enjoy the occasional "You get a tank! You get a tank! Everyone gets a tank!" type of mission just to have a bit more fun, it's just that the majority of our missions are going to be the single platoon style mission as that's what makes up the "meat" of our gameplay and is what people mostly come here for.

    Now, although we do incorporate the core aspects of MilSim, with the military structure, chain of command, and the Laws of War, our regular playstyle is more fast-paced action, rather than slow and careful. This is where our tactics may deviate a bit from real-life tactics. Whereas in real-life the military would rather outnumber the enemy and win by dominance, we like to make missions where everything is balanced, and there is a challenge to it. This means that there is always action and everyone has a piece of it. Most of our members like to move a bit faster and get some action, instead of waiting for the perfect moment to strike when the enemy isn't watching. And this has very much always been the way we play. In the end, everyone should have fun, so we try to balance the missions so that everyone gets to have fun. And for everyone to have fun, everyone needs to be able to make compromises.

    What we expect of you

    When you come to play here, you aren't playing for yourself or, if you are a streamer, for your viewers. You are here to have fun with everyone. This means that we do not take kindly to anyone that comes here to mess around and ruin the fun for others. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. So make sure that you come to play here to have fun with everybody, and not become a selfish person that only cares about his or her own needs.

    Here are a couple of points to keep in mind:

    • Be courteous, you are playing with a large group, and one person can ruin the fun for everyone.
    • Listen to others; they may have information that will help you. And if you don't know something, don't be afraid to ask.
    • Follow the rules; those are there to make sure everyone has fun. Don't try to abuse them.
    • Don't just join the missions, hang around in the lounges or play some other games! You will have much more fun when you play with people you know, so try to get to know everyone.

    And then there are a couple of things that all members, old and new, need to keep in mind. 

    • Everyone needs to start somewhere, so don't be hostile if someone asks any question.
    • Don't force yourself or your opinions on others, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should not be judged because of them.
    • Everyone is equal, we don't take kindly to racism or sexism here. 
    • Be polite and respectful to everyone. We are an open community, and we don't have any requirements to join.
    • Most importantly, your fun isn't more important than anyone else's. Have fun together!
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