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  • ZEN Guide and Keybinds


    For the majority of your time in using ZEN, their own website will provide you with the best information. Please refer to the following link and use the top half of the sidebar under "User Guide".

    ZEN Website

    Topics include a Modules List, actions possible in the Right Click context menu, or how to manage Compositions or the Attributes of an object.


    Keyboard Shortcuts

    There are a number of useful (but not always obvious) keyboard shortcuts in ZEN and Vanilla Zeus. Some of these provide easy access to common tools, or a way to use something not available in any menu. The list below will show each one, and give a short description of how it works or could be used. The list is not exhaustive and will be updated as new ones are added or discovered.

    You can change any ZEN keybinds by going to Escape -> Options -> Controls -> Configure Addons -> Dropdown Menu, Zeus Enhanced.

    V - Open Right Click Context Menu
    Useful when you have a group of AI selected and can't right click without them moving to that point.

    B - Toggle Include Crew
    Toggles the "Place vehicles with crew" tickbox at the bottom of your entity spawning interface (right side).

    Shift + C - Deploy Countermeasures
    Makes the currently selected vehicle(s) deploy their countermeasures such as flares or smoke.

    G - Eject Vehicle
    Make all of the AI of the currently selected vehicle dismount instantly. Gives parachutes if airborne.
    This keybind is actually in Vanilla, but ZEN adds the Ctrl + G variant below.

    Ctrl + G - Eject Passengers Slowly
    Pressing this on a vehicle will have all those not in crew seats (drivers, gunners etc) slowly dismount one at a time.

    Ctrl + Shift + C - Deep Copy
    Performs a more in-depth copy, including object properties such as unit loadouts, vehicle inventories and customisation.

    Ctrl + Shift + V - Deep Paste
    Your deep copy uses a separate clipboard to your main one - use this keybind to paste what you have previously deep copied.

    Ctrl + Alt + F - Focus Search Bar
    Sets focus to the search bar for you to begin immediately typing.

    Ctrl + X - Orient to Terrain Normal
    Orients all selected objects to match the terrain slope at their position. 

    Unbound - Toggle Editable Icons
    Toggles the visibility of all editable icons. Useful for temporarily reducing lag or onscreen clutter when there are a lot of icons.

    L - Toggle Flashlight
    Turn on a bright light coming from your perspective, that only you as Zeus can see. Useful for seeing certain things in the dark without needing to toggle night vision.

    Alt + Page Up - Increase NVG Brightness
    Does what it says on the tin. Only works in the Zeus NV setup, default toggle key "N".

    Alt + Page Down - Decrease NVG Brightness
    Does what it says on the tin. Only works in the Zeus NV setup, default toggle key "N".

    ` - Open Attributes Display
    Opens the Zeus attributes display for the selected entity. Useful for when it's difficult to double click on a moving object - just select the object and hit this key.
    If used when multiple entities are selected, will open the one your cursor is hovering over, or the top selected one in the entity interface on the left if your cursor is on no object.

    Ctrl + Double Left Click (on an AI) - Remote Control
    A Vanilla Keybind, but one worth mentioning as I see many scrabbling for the module instead of using this.

    Hold Ctrl + Left Click and Drag - Group/Ungroup
    Another Vanilla keybind, Holding Ctrl then dragging Left Click on any unit creates a line, that you can drag to another to connect them to the same group. You can also use the same keybind and drag to nothing to remove the unit from it's group.



    16/09/2020 - Initial Draft Publish
    20/09/20 - Added Group/Ungroup
    22/03/2021 - Published

    Edited by Tomo


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