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  • A Zeus's Guide To LAMBS Danger FSM





    The purpose of this guide is to provide a comprehensive explanation of the orders, modules and CBA settings available under LAMBS_Danger in addition to the plethora of changes made to overall AI behaviour under its effects.




    The changes/additions made by LAMBS can be summarized by the following.

    Prior to the introduction of LAMBS the standard AI approach to the detection/reaction to danger followed the following decision making process.


    Following the introduction of LAMBS this system has been significantly overhauled to include differing behaviours and options for AI to choose from when presented with a threat.


    The affects on infantry alone can be seen in greater detail here.

    In summary these changes/additions can be seen in the following list.


        AI will move inside buildings.
        Perform suppressive fire (Vehicles will dismantle buildings).
        React, even when exact enemy position is unknown.
        React by hiding in the presence of powerful vehicles when without equipment to deal with it.
        Check dead bodies (Rearms if possible).
        Tanks will react by rotating towards threats.
        Improved civilian reactions, hiding in buildings and checking dead bodies.
        Panic, with special effects.


        Dynamic Artillery system.
        Custom waypoints for specific AI behaviour.

    Additional Resources:

       The Core Functionality of Lambs is as well described in the following video by one of its developers.





    In terms of In game additions Lambs adds a number of new options for Zeuses in terms of Orders some of which are still in the experimental stage.


    1. Task Assault.
      • Units will move at best speed en masse towards provided objective making use of cover but not lingering.
    2. Task Patrol.
      • Units will add to themselves additional orders to form a patrol path between their current position and the provided objective.
    3. Task Creep(Stalk Nearest).
      • Units will move towards the specified objective at walking pace stopping to engage enemy forces when detected.
    4. Task Forced Retreat.
      • Units will switch to cower animation and run towards the provided objective switching back to their weapons if injured or when they arrive at the objective.
    5. Task Rush(Rush Nearest).
      • Units will rush towards the nearest detected player units and engage.
    6. Task CQB [Experimental].
      • Units will breach and clear the any building near or on the provided objective (Warning AI are capable of both phasing through and opening doors under this order).
    7. Task Garrison.
      • Units will move into and garrison buildings nearby to the provided objective.
    8. Task Hunt (Find Nearest).
      • Units will move towards the provided objective searching as they go for any enemy presence.
    9. Register Artillery.
      • Registers Artillery units into the List of available Artillery pieces callable for Artillery missions by the AI.

    Additional Resources:

    In addition the Artillery system is further elaborated on here.





    Additionally, Lambs adds several new modules for Zeuses to provide orders, Modify AI behaviour and disable or enable Lambs elements.


    Lambs Danger FSM:

    1. Configure Group AI.
      • Disable/Enable Lambs Group AI on specified unit.
    2. Configure Long-range Radio.
      • Disable/Enable Boosted Radio communications on specified AI unit.
    3. Disable Unit AI.
      • Disable/Enable Lambs Unit AI on specified unit.

    Lambs Danger Search Modules:

    1. Task Creep.
      • Creep.png.96be9833144f3c9b19d57861abd83672.png
      • Placed on AI Units to order them to search the surrounding area for enemy presence on walking pace with weapons raised.
    2. Task Hunt.
      • Hunt.png.a7a4acce76dfc962ac14a4d976f1cdb5.png
      • Placed on AI Units to order them to search the surrounding area for enemy presence on walking pace. Once enemy units are found Unit affected will attack the position of enemy units found.
    3. Task Rush.
      • Rush.png.4f770da2a537c7e346beaf8478e93607.png
      • Placed on AI Units to order them to search the surrounding area for enemy presence on walking pace. Once enemy units are found Unit affected will move quickly to attack enemy units found.

    Lambs Dynamic Waypoints:

    1. Dynamic Target.
      • Generates Dynamic artillery target for Units Registered in the Artillery List (can be attached to units).
    2. Task Artillery.
      • Artillery.png.af3f9eaa8b50ebbcccb75463464badd2.png
      • Provides an artillery fire mission to Artillery Units within the Artillery Registered List and in range of the placed module.
    3. Task Artillery Register.
      • Registers Artillery units into the List of available Artillery pieces callable for Artillery missions by the AI.
    4. Task Assault/Retreat.
      • Tasks units affected by placed module to Retreat or Assault within a specified radius from the affected Unit. (Generates Error message when Position is undefined).
    5. Task Camp.
      • Camp.png.08979a1386afd4b4b21268c1b630d592.png
      • Orders AI affected by module to occupy nearby buildings and generate patrols in a specified radius from the modules placement.
    6. Task CQB.
      • CQB.png.032e9ac85b13fecd2c87831e4e2aa63f.png
      • Orders AI to engage nearest enemy units in CQB within the specified radius from the placement of the module (Warning AI are capable of both phasing through and opening doors under this order).
    7. Task Garrison.
      • Garrison.png.deb4a1ce6289e201bf3cb922b9f52467.png
      • Orders AI to garrison nearby buildings and generate patrols within the specified radius of the module when it is placed.
    8. Task Patrol.
      • Patrol.png.5998330bf7c56b9ec5c796a55b38fd2b.png
      • Orders the AI to patrol around the area within the specified radius of the module when it is placed.
    9. Task Reset.
      • Resets the current tasking of the Unit which the module is applied to.

    Additional Resources:

    The Zeus Modules added by Lambs are further elaborated on here.



    CBA Settings:


    Lambs as well offers several CBA options for additional customization of the mods affects on the behaviour of AI and debug options.

    Lambs Danger:












    Lambs Dynamic Eventhandlers:


    Lambs Danger WP:



    In conclusion, Lambs is a mod which adds a plethora of new options for Zeuses to control and modify AI behaviour in its additional options for AI Orders, Its addition of new modules for controlling the application of Lambs on specific units and its comprehensive list of CBA settings to tune the effects of Lambs on AI within missions.

    Edited by Jerichron

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