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    Meeting Report


    Staff News

    Welcome to our new Community Managers

    Last week @Tomo and @Legendo were added to the CM team. Check our our interview with them here. 

    Garfield says goodbye to ModTeam and joins the Technicians

    With the growing demand for new and exciting missions and platforms for new games, the Technicians have seen their workload increase dramatically in the last few months. With this in mind @Garfield0003 has been appointed to the Technicians which will hopefully allow some breathing room as they expand FK's hosting capabilities. Congratulations Garfield we have no doubts that they've picked the best man for the job!

    Moderator Applications are Live!

    It's that time again. After losing Legendo to the CM Team and now Garfield to the Technicians the community is in need of more moderators. Applications are open now and will close in approximately 2 weeks. If you want to help your community this may be your opportunity! Applications can be found here.


    Public Relations News Room

    FK Gaming gets a facelift!

    In the next few weeks expect to see some changes on official FK platforms. We will be rolling out a whole new branding package complete with new font styles and logos for a more updated look. Finally the switch from Fuck Knows to FK Gaming will be officially complete! Stay tuned! 

    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit


    FK Games

    Ace Medical Rewrite

    Unfortunately despite the efforts of the staff and the medic training team the new system is not ready yet for use on FK platforms. We are waiting on bug fixes from the ACE team before moving forward. To keep up with updates to the ACE Medical System check out their GitHub. To see some of the issues we're facing check out the video below, at the very least it's good for a laugh!

    New Arma 3 Templates 

    @kMaN has been hard at work! We now have fresh new templates with one minor, yet needed change. Now in the 2nd team lead and 2nd auto-riflemen positions there is a notation stating that these slots are for 10 man squad layouts only. The hope is that this will solve some of the confusion during slotting of smaller 8 man squads. For more information check out the meeting report!

    Andy's Frightful Fridays

    @andyt90 will be hosting Arma 3 mission scenarios on Fridays. These missions are wave based defense modes featuring AI and sometimes even Zombies! All you need to play is base game Arma 3 (No other mods needed. sound mods + DUI squad radar are allowed). Missions can hold up to 25 players and start shortly after 1st main. Visit the discord channel #FK_3-4-5-6 under the Arma section for more information!


    The CM's put a poll out earlier this week asking the community if there was any interest in Liberation. After an onslaught of positive responses the CM team took the poll down early, and voted in favor of setting up a persistent Liberation campaign on FK 5. Keep an eye on the forums for server details as soon as they are ready! 


    FK is currently hosting CrackPack3! Visit the thread to see how to join in. Enjoy destroying your enemies with trebuchets and cannons and watch the fun atop your flying horse (that is also on fire). 


    Flavor(s) of the Week

    Games come and go, but the want to play with your friends never does. Check out this weeks flavors and see how you can join in! 

    GTFO / Space Engineers / Exile


    Gaming News

    ‘Warcraft 3: Reforged’ Has A Record Low 0.8 Score On Metacritic As Fans Are Furious - Forbes Paul Tassi 31/1/20

    Overwatch is getting hero bans, but Blizzard will pick them, not you - PC Gamer Andy Chalk 31/1/20

    You can play Toss A Coin To Your Witcher in Beat Saber now - PC Gamer Jonathan Bolding 30/12/19


    Thank you all for your patience with me during the holiday season. I appreciated the much needed break but now I'm back for more! INTREPs will still be scheduled for release every other Monday from now on. As always if there is a story you would like to see featured, or have something you want to say to the community feel free to message me or leave a comment!



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