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    INTREP 017

    Meeting Reports

    Staff News

    Andy Steps Down

              It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that @andyt90 will be stepping down from his roles as CM and Squad Lead trainer. He will remain in post for a few days after this announcement to tie up any loose ends. Andy has served as a staff member since Moderators were first introduced. He has been with the community through thick and thin, and has had enormous resolve to endure all his positions have thrown at him. We would all like to thank him a hundred times over for the time and effort he has put into making this community a better place for all, and look forward to continuing to hear his shouty squad leading for some time.

    Think Tank Applications

          Due to a few changes within the Think Tank memberships we are again advertising that applications are always open. Apply Here.


    Public Relations Operations

    TeamBrrrt and Oper8Heaven will join us for a main mission

              On Saturday May 30th TeamBrrrt and Oper8Heaven will join FK Gaming in an event mission Zeus'd by @Wattsits. Check out the calendar for more information!

    @Legendo Takes over as Public Relations Liaison.

              Legendo will be taking over for @andyt90 as Public Relations Liaison. Any issues or concerns regarding the Public Relations Team please contact him. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or topics that the PR team might be interested in please forward them to @Chuck Yeager or @Rhea.


    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit


    Trainer's Corner

    Basic trainer tag

              Basic Trainers now have a tag! @ThePointForward @Jerichron and @Monocled Badger now have a dedicated tag for Basic Training. This tags is for the trainers only. There will not be a "basic training" tag given to thous who have passed training at this time. 

    Squad Lead Training Changes

              @Monocled Badger Has been promoted to Squad Lead Trainer along side @BigT and @Servok. We wish him well in his new position. To request Squad Lead training or evaluations please fill out this form. 

    Command Training Discord

              Command Training - PLT and SL now have their own shared training discord. If you're interested in SL or PLT training, or have a question for the trainers you can join their discord here.

    Guide: What to ask during briefing

              @Monocled Badger has made a detailed guide on what Squad Leaders should be considering during PLT briefing. Definitely worth a read if you're planning on Squad Leading! Read more here.


              Starting this week, the two "trainer herders" @Tomo and @ThePointForward will be conducting a trainer review. This review will include speaking to each trainer individually and asking a number of questions to check up on how they are coping. Trainers, expect to be reached out to shortly. 


    Meet-Up Update

    2020 Meet-Up Officially Cancelled

             " So pretty much the inevitable time has come to say the 2020 meetup is going to have to be cancelled. As it stands anyone coming from outside of the UK would need to go through a 14 day isolation and IMO if it was UK only people I believe we would struggle to get the 15 required to book the air-soft site (if it even reopens). I will be contacting John to inform him as he hasn't indicated our booking was cancelled at all yet due to circumstances. We will probably wait until this whole Corona issue dissipates to make any decisions/announcements about a 2021 meetup, but hopefully with this years being cancelled more can make it next year for an even bigger and better one! Hope everyone is well and staying safe, you bunch of nerds..." - @Winters (Benji) 10/05/2020

              For more information about the Meet-up please visit the Meet-Up Discord


    INTREP Photo Credit - @Articwinter "A trip to the mountings of Vinje on a day off"


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