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  • Weekly overview #2

    Linnet By Linnet, in Website news, , 7 comments, 5,460 views

    Morning/evening/good whatever time you're reading this everybody!

    Let's get right to it:

    Meeting report

    Other than this overview, last weeks meeting report has actually been on time. You can view it here if you haven't already because you're an upstanding member of the community and are excited for the off-chance of new rules being announced (spoilers?). 

    What's happening this week? 

    Not much, again.  Because of the overambitious spawn of EI, the mission by @NeilZar from earlier this week has been rescheduled to friday. Keep in mind that this is a scripted mission with a few pre-assigned slots, so if you had one in the original mission, you'll have it on friday. If you can't make it - fine. But please let Neil know beforehand so we don't spend unnecessary time with waiting for people who are not going to appear. Check out the Calender Event for more info. 

    Also, a few might have seen it already on the Forum, @Slouchy Orc is currently lost somewhere in the canadian wilderness, doing biological stuff and hopefully avoids getting eaten by Grizzlys. Read up on it here. While he is gone, @Chuck Yeager will take over the Training Missions, now renamed to "Chucks Convenient Classes". The first one of these is happening on monday, if you are an FNG or haven't been playing with us in a while, I'd suggest you try them out. Every further info is on the Calender Event.

    Now - the sad part. @Woody will be gone from friday on - hopefully not forever. Something along the lines of driving tanks IRL and "teaching them how to fly". Go nag him about it yourself. At this point we haven't come up with a plan on how we're going to survive without his memes and horrific flying accidents, but we'll make it. Somehow. 

    A bit more lighthearted

    First of all - check out this thread. What is your unique, based on real events FK-fear? 

    Furthermore: @anden3 asked me to raise awareness for this. Apparently there's a Rocket League Tournament coming along. So if one of your unique skills is crashing into cars and fucking things up while pretending to hit a giant football, this could be the perfect event for you.

    Until next week!

    PS: Be nice to your medics, patching you guys op is fucking hard work. Especially when the system is broken. 



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    On 28/07/2017 at 11:00, SGz_Eliminated said:

    Well hopefully with Woody gone that'll be the end of the precarious amounts of dots on the map for our briefings :D

    I guess I'll have to start playing more now to keep up with Woody's dot making on the maps then. Did I hear SBF's? 

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    I remember trying to save someone for about as long as that, with a whole squad around me and another medic  like some wierd ritual. Then as he starts to get up, with everyone cheering around us, friendly armour drives past on fire, blowing up and taking out EVERYONE.

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