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    • Mission Planner: The mission planner is for Main Missions in either Prime Time. You have to follow this guide line for the requirements. These events also need approval by CMs.
    • Training Planner: The Training Planner is for Training events. If you are running a Training use this calendar.
    • Community Events: This is for games other than Arma 3 or special events in Arma 3 which take place during off hours. This includes reserving the server for you and your friends to play together.

    If you do something on the Training Planner or the Community Event it is preferred that you either take the 2nd Server or make sure nothing else is running at the same time.

Events happening today

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    09 August 2020 14:00      16:00

    Event details
    This will be an event covering basic Long-Range-Communications-Routine. If you have never touched a LR, this is for you. If you're still uncomfortable on the LR, this is for you. I'm aiming for these to be around two hours long, but depending on how many people there are and how quick we get through all the points, it may take less time.

    We'll be going over the following points:
    1. What is LR used for? 
    2. 69, 68, 67 and Short-Range Comms
    3. How to setup your Long-Range-Radio
    4. Phrases and Words
    5. Comms etiquette
    6. Practical Sessions
    7. Additionals (this includes 6-Digit Grid references, SitReps and handling two channels at once)
    8. Questions and Additions 
    9. 2nd Practical (If Time)

    Helpful guides:
    TFAR radios:
    Using radio communication:
    Basic communications guide:

    Event details

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