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Events happening today

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    13 September 2020 15:00      17:00

    This will take place on FK#2 from 1600 BST - 1800 BST
    The aim of this is to have a slightly smaller, more serious/immersive mission for those who enjoy it. As a result, the follow constraints are in play.

    1) No Respawns - Dead is Dead.
    2) No Resupplies - Take only what you need
    3) Markers will not be provided by Crossroads, only Grid Refs - Bar this image in the brief for visual purposes.
    This will be slower paced than most people are used to, as infill and extraction are required with only a few points on contact.
    Event details
    Player Faction
    NAVAL Special Warfare Group TWO - SEAL Team 4 - Team 1
    1 x 10 Man Squad
    1 x Drone Operator (1 x MQ-12 Falcon)

    Friendly Forces
    Takistani Government 
    Takistani National Army
    Opposing Forces
    Tribal Anti-government forces
    Rogue Russian military element
    Operation Balancing Act
    The debriefing of the retrieved asset from Operation Linchpin took too long to yield valuable results for the local conflict in Fapovo. However intelligence gained from the asset has pointed to a rogue Russian military element will to supply men, materials and training to in conflict areas in return for certain favours. In effect this group is looking to create an area of influence for themselves. Other assets are looking in to the validity of the "rogue" nature of this element or whether more nefarious things are at work.
    That being said, we have found their next area of interest. Takistan. 
    Over the last few weeks, rumblings of a civil war have bore fruit and the Government has found itself fighting tribal elements and parts of the local population. Typically we would let these things resolve themselves however the aforementioned rogue element has been seen in the last few days moving men and materials into Garmsar Depot, away from the bulk of the fighting. The support looks to be for the anti-government forces and would seriously tip the scales in their favour. This must not be allowed to happen
    As you can seen from the drone images, multiple pieces of armour, soft skinned vehicles as well as containers of supplies have been moved into the depot. We did not directly observe the full movement of supplies and as a result under the depots covering there may be more supplies and materials we are not aware of that need investigating and neutralising. 
    Team 1 along with a Drone Asset (MQ-12 Falcon) has been inserted via HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Jump into Ravanay (11 08), be mindful the surrounding area is in open conflict with active engagements expected to continue through the operation. These contacts are to be ignored and not investigated. The destruction of the depot and it's contents is our only concern for this operation
    Primary Objectives
    1) Infil via foot from Ravanay (11 08) across the mountains to Garmsar Depot (10 06).
    2) Destroy any men and materials inside the depot.
    3) Perform secure site exploitation and recover and further physical intelligence from Documents or Electronic devices for later use.
    4) Extract the Team via a to be determined method by Overlord.
    Slots (If you RSVP - designate the slot you would like)
    NAVAL Special Warfare Group TWO - SEAL Team 4 - Team 1
    Squad Lead: @Silberjojo
    Medic: @Slim
    First Fireteam Lead: @Veagance
    First Fireteam Demolitions Expert: @Prometheus13
    First Fireteam Breacher: @TheSalader
    First Fireteam Rifleman: @Beshman
    Second Fireteam Lead: @Wheezy
    Second Fireteam Autorifleman: @LurkerOne
    Second Fireteam Designated Marksman: @Griffin68965
    Second Fireteam Rifleman: @SGz_Eliminated

    Drone Operator (MQ-12 Falcon): @BenFromTTG (No Tags)
    Gear Restrictions:
    (Square brackets denote mod)

               UNIFORM : G3 Multicam Black [FK]
               VEST : MBAV Black (Any Variant) [FK]
               HELMET : FAST Ballistic (Black/Headset) [RHS Blue]
               FACEWEAR : Face Shield + Shemagh (BLK) [RHS Blue] // Face Shield + Goggles//Shemagh (BLK) [RHS Blue] 
               BACKPACK : Kitbag (Black) [UK3CB] 
               RIFLE : H&K HK416 D14.5 (CAG) [NIArms] - IOR-Valdada Pitbull 2 - AN/PEQ-15 Black [RHS Blue] - NT4 QDSS (Black) [RHS Blue]  -  5.56MM SOST 30Rnd PMAG [NIArms]
               LMG : M249 PIIP (Short/Para) [RHS Blue] - IOR-Valdada Pitbull 2 - AN/PEQ-15 Black [RHS Blue] - NT4 QDSS (Black) [RHS Blue] - 5.56MM SOST 30Rnd PMAG [NIArms]
               DMR : M14 EBR-RI [RHS Blue] - M8541A + AN/PVS-27 [RHS Blue] - M14 DCQD [RHS Blue] -  7.62MM SOST 20Rnd M14 Magazine [NIArms]
               SHOTGUN : L128A1 Shotgun [UK3CB] + WMX Flashlight (Black) [RHS Blue] + 12 Gauge 8 Rnd Buckshot [SFP]
               PISTOL : SigSauer P226R Combat [NIArms] - V-TAC Sights (P226) [NIArms] -  Steiner DBAL-PL (IR) [NIArms] - AAC Evolution 9 [NIArms] - 9mm Subsonic 15rnd P226 Magazine) [NIArms]
               LAT : NONE
               OPTICS : Rangefinder
               NVG : Head-Mounted NV System [BAF]
               RADIOS : SR - AN/PRC-152 [TFAR] / LR  - [ILBE] RT-1523G (ASIP) + Whip Antenna (Black) [Ilbe]

    Event details

    Mission Planner 23 Comments

    12 users have RSVPed, including

    • Monocled Badger
    • BenFromTTG
    • Veagance
    • TheSalader
    • Slim

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