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[Scripted WW2] Operation Fog of War

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  • This mission is going to be a scripted mission and will be hosted on FK#4.
  • The mission starts approximately 10 minutes after first main.
  • Anyone can reserve a slot, regs+ and tagholders have priority.
  • Disclaimer: This mission takes place in the WW2 era but might not be historically accurate.





German forces are holding their lines east of the current front line marked with the red triangles.
They have garrisoned the town of Chef-du-Pont and currently holding the bridge here which is a mission critical obejctive.
The castle north of the town has been fortified too, intel says they have an ammo cache inside the castle.
Our advance was slowed down by the enemy artillery fire. Friendly scouts marked the rough location of the enemy artillery pieces northeast of the town, however we lost contact with our scouts.



  • Marker CASTLE: Assault the castle and destroy the enemy ammo cache
  • Marker ARTILLERY: Find and destroy the enemy artillery pieces
  • Marker BRIDGE: Secure the town and prevent the destruction of the bridge
  • Additionally find intel of the M.I.A. scout units, rescue them if possible


Map of the AO:




  • Time and date: 1600 January 05, 1945
  • Weather: snowfall with fog
  • Enemy forces: German Waffen-SS units
  • Enemy ground assets: mostly Panzer IV's, possibility of heavy tanks
  • Enemy air assets: none due to the bad weather
  • Explosives: possibility of marked minefields
  • Civilians: they have left this area
  • Respawn: rolling respawns
  • Reinforcements will be paradropped into the AO via script
  • RRR is available, take the RRR truck with you



  • Don't take enemy weapons
  • Don't take enemy vehicles





  • 1x M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight
  • 1x M4A3 Sherman
  • 1x 60mm M2 Mortar


ORBAT - 101st Airborne Division & 2nd Armored Division

Platoon Leader - @Jerichron
Platoon RTO - 
Platoon Medic - @Museman7
Platoon Logi Driver -

[ABLE] - Rifle Squad
Squad Leader -
Squad 2iC -
Medic - @Rhea
Autorifleman - @Skate
Assistant Autorifleman - @Northman
Grenadier - @AngryScottishMan
Rifleman - @Mesa
Rifleman - @LurkerOne

[BAKER] - Weapons Squad
Squad Leader -
Squad 2iC - 
Medic - @FloofyFloof
Machinegunner - @Servok
Assistant Machinegunner - @Colek
Ammo Bearer -
AT Gunner - @square_cookies
Assistant AT Gunner -

[LANCER 1-1]
Commander - @Garfield0003
Gunner - @colt92
Driver - @griffin68965
Loader / Machinegunner - @Conga Line of Neckbeards

[LANCER 1-2]
Commander - @Articwinter
Gunner - @johnb43
Driver - @Whitelock
Loader / Machinegunner - @Zdrack

Assistant - 
Gunner - 





  • FK rules are in effect
  • You can turn off the snow script by using ACE self-interaction in case you suffer from low FPS
  • Enhanced Movement will be enabled
  • I recommend using the JSRS soundmod with its IFA3 extension
  • If numbers are low, we'll drop BAKER first so fill up the slots accordingly




Recommended Comments

Not really sure if i want to try myself as commander or go safe with a loader slot. Surprise me with a spot in 1-1 or 1-2

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6 minutes ago, Whitelock said:

Requesting HAMMER Gunner. I'm a FNG.

I forgot to mention, it seems the ACE artillery update screwed up the Iron Front mortars so we'll have to drop that asset.

  • Sad 1

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Posted (edited)

You are making me most sad... I had even started studdying up on the 101 mortar guide agian... :(
LANCER 1-2  Driver then please, FNG.

Edited by Whitelock
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