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[Scripted WW2] Route Tobruk

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  • This mission is going to be a scripted mission and will be hosted on FK#4.
  • The mission starts approximately 10 minutes after the end of first main.
  • Anyone can reserve a slot; regs+ and tagholders have priority.
  • Disclaimer:
     - This mission takes place in the WW2 era but might not be historically accurate.
     - This mission is going to be a test mission to test a mission framework and some AI mods in a multiplayer environment, glitches might happen.





The city of Tobruk has been under siege by the German and Italian forces for months by now.
The Australian and British forces garrisoned the city and they have been holding it successfully so far, however they are running out of supplies.
British high command decided on conducting a push towards Tobruk to relieve the defenders.
Our objective is to push the front line and take strategical positions before reaching the city.



  • Take control of King's Cross
  • Capture the enemy airfield
  • Destroy / capture the enemy artillery pieces


Map of the AO:




  • Time and date: 16:15 November 20th, 1941
  • Weather: clear
  • Enemy forces: various units of the Afrika Korps
  • Enemy ground assets: up to Panzer III's
  • Enemy air assets: possible
  • Explosives: marked minefields
  • Civilians: none
  • Respawn: rolling respawns
  • Reinforcements will delivered by using the Mobile Respawn Vehicle
  • RRR is available, take the RRR truck with you



  • Don't take enemy weapons.
  • Don't take enemy vehicles (transport vehicles are allowed).





  • 2x Crusader Tanks


ORBAT - British 7th Armoured Division

Platoon Leader - @Massive Cuntasaurus
Platoon RTO - 
Platoon Medic - @griffin68965

Section Leader - @ZeFlyingDutchman
Grenadier - @info
Rifleman - @LurkerOne
Rifleman - @Mesa
Section 2iC - @Northman
Bren Gunner - @magnusnielsen
Ass. Bren Gunner - @Skate
Marksman - @johnb43

Section Leader - 
Grenadier - @square_cookies
Rifleman - @SlimShitty
Rifleman - @vladdis611
Section 2iC - 
Bren Gunner - @Mamil
Ass. Bren Gunner - @greg3000il
Marksman - @Buster

[BOGEY 1-1]
Tank Commander - @Garfield0003
Tank Gunner - @Conga Line of Neckbeards
Tank Driver - @BestTrap

[BOGEY 1-2]
Tank Commander - @EHOPPPS
Tank Gunner - @AngryScottishMan
Tank Driver - @RedNexus





  • FK rules are in effect.
  • Enhanced Movement will be enabled.
  • Client side mods are allowed (TAO folding map, Blastcore etc). I recommend using the JSRS sound mod with its really good IFA3 extension.
  • If numbers are low, we'll drop the second squad first so fill up the slots accordingly.



Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server
IP: arma4.fkservers.eu
Port: 2402
Password: On Request



Download Preset

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