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Volkhov Counteroffensive (GER WW2) - 1st MAIN


Mission Planner

Event details




  • This mission is going to be a scripted mission and will be hosted on FK#4.
  • This is part of Jerichron's WW2 campaign and uses the same modset.
  • Anyone can reserve a slot; regs+ and tagholders have priority. Final say is at event host's discretion.
  • Disclaimer:
     - This mission takes place in the WW2 era but might not be historically accurate.





As part of the 2nd SS Panzer Division your platoon was ordered to hold the front line on the eastern bank of Volkhov River. However, due to the harsh Soviet winter, your supplies and assisting assets are limited.

Your unit has been successfully holding the trench line for a few days now, however the Soviets are preparing a massive attack to push the front line...



  • Repel the Soviet attack
  • Push the enemy out of Vysokoye
  • Cross the bridge and capture the Soviet HQ in Vergezha


Map of the AO:




  • Time and date: 08:00 January 22nd, 1943
  • Weather: medium fog, snowfall
  • Enemy forces: various Soviet units
  • Enemy ground assets: up medium tanks
  • Enemy air assets: not present
  • Explosives: N/A
  • Civilians: N/A
  • Respawn: rolling respawns
  • Reinforcements will be teleported to the AO by using the Squad Rally Point module
  • RRR is available for the assets, take the RRR truck with you



  • Do not take enemy weapons (medical supplies, throwables can be looted).
  • Only transport vehicles can be taken from the enemy side.





  • 1x PzKpfw VI Tiger Ausf. E
  • 1x 60mm mortar team


ORBAT - Panzergrenadier Platoon (Motorised)
[38 slots]

Platoon Commander - @Massive Cuntasaurus
Deputy Platoon Commander - 
RTO - @LurkerOne
Medic - @griffin68965

Section Commander - @Tomo
Deputy Section Commander - 
(+7x men)

Section Commander - @Slim
Deputy Section Commander - @vladdis611
(+7x men)

Section Commander - @Servok
Deputy Section Commander - @Ventfarter
(+7x men)

Commander - @Garfield0003
Gunner - @Conga Line of Neckbeards
Driver - @L00_Cyph3r
Machine Gunner / Loader - @Muhcreedy

Team Leader - 
Mortar Asst. - @colt92
Mortar Gunner - @AngryScottishMan





  • Loadouts will be automatically assigned.
  • Detailed briefing is going to be conducted in-game.
  • Client side mods are allowed (Blastcore etc). I recommend using the JSRS soundmod with its really good IFA3 extension.



Name: FK #4 Custom Mission Server
IP: arma4.fkservers.eu
Port: 2402
Password: On Request



Download Preset
(This is the one that we used for Sarissa's and Jerichron's missions, no changes.)

** The mod 7Y Assets WW2 breaks/disables system, side and group chat so you will not have it in-game. **

Recommended Comments

8 minutes ago, Slim said:

Medic slot jager 1 if possible 

We can't afford squad medics, this is WW2. :P

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52 minutes ago, Malbryn said:

We can't afford squad medics, this is WW2. :P

In that case if any section command is open I’ll take one

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32 minutes ago, colt92 said:

@Malbryn Which mortar is it?

We'll use the US M2 60mm mortar from FoW because the 80mm mortars from IFA seem to be broken still.

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Posted (edited)

[Jager 2] deputy section commander please (no tags)

Edited by vladdis611

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