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    Staff News


    Community Manager Applications

    Please remember that the Community Manager applications remain open, but will be closing soon. If you are interested in becoming a Community Manager please fill out an application here. 


    Showing appreciation - @kMaN 
    It's always a good thing to see when community members go out of their way to show appreciation for a staff member who has gone above and beyond the duties of their roles. That's what @Servok did in the community feedback forum in a thread aptly named "kMaN you a Fucking Great Cunt".

    kMaN joined us as part of the BSO merger back in Oct 2018 since then he has been the keeper of the boxes, the restarter of the servers, and the go-to guy when something just isn't quite working right. kMaN responds to any request or question with immediate action. We are blessed to have this man be a part of FK Gaming and are thrilled to call him a part of our Staff. Thank you for all you do kMaN! 


    Public Relations Operations


    Operation: Planting the Sead featuring Oper8Heaven and Team Brrrt

    Our event on Saturday went great! A few hiccups here and there were expected and some great feedback has been gathered by our guests and community members ensuring a smoother more enjoyable mission for all in the future. All-in-all it seems everyone enjoyed the Event and are looking forward to more in the future! If you have any mission ideas, or maybe know a unit or clan that would be interested in participating please contact @Rhea


    Twitter  /  Youtube  /  Twitch  /  Reddit


    Trainer's Corner


    Team Lead/2IC changes 

    Since getting his role as Squad Lead Trainer @Monocled Badger has been busy at work updating the training guides. In his article "Team Leader Tag & Process Changes" he states:

    "As a result of the modern template being 10-man with 2 fire-teams, the old 2IC tag was grandfathered into the Team Lead role. However after discussions with members of the  community and the other Squad Lead trainers, there is a concern that the grandfathering and conception of the 2IC role does not fit the current role of a Team Leader - additionally there is often confusion of what the Team Lead role exactly does and their place in the Squad due to the grandfathering/conflating it with the 2IC role that previously existed.

    We seek to remedy this by two methods.

    1. Publish Material on the role and responsibilities of a Team Leader
    2. Change the evaluation process for Team Leader Tags and slightly alter Squad Leader Tag acquisition as a result." 

    Regardless of your interest in team leading or squad leading please take a moment to read through these articles as it will effect every squad member. "


    @Garfield0003 Joins the Squad Lead Trainer Team

    Alongside @Monocled Badger . @BigT and @Servok Garfield is now a Squad Lead Trainer. If you have any questions for the trainers, or wish to request a training or evaluation please visit the FK Squad Lead/Platoon Lead Training Discord.


    @Hyxogen joins the RTO Trainer Team

    He will be available immediately to schedule RTO training sessions or evaluations, alongside the current RTO trainers. If you would like to schedule RTO training or evaluations please message an RTO trainer on the forums. For more information about what RTO does and guides please visit the training forums.


    CSAR Tags have been removed

    After months of discussions, the Medical Training Team has decided to do away with CSAR Tags. With CSAR missions being few and far between, and the role requiring no more medical knowledge than that of a medic tag holder- the time has come to retire the tag. The new slotting procedure for CSAR missions will proceed as follows:

    • The leader of the CSAR group:
      1. Medical and leadership tags (both at the same time)
      2. Medical tags
      3. Regs+
      4. Everyone
    • Regular CSAR team members will be slotted as medics

    If you have any questions about the CSAR procedures, or Medical Training in general please visit the FK Medical Training Discord.


    Community News


    @Monocled Badger is promoted to the rank of veteran!

    During his 3 year tenure as a community regular Badger has devoted his time and effort to making countless Arma 3 guides and has taken a proactive approach to training and guiding new players. Please congratulate him on his promotion when you see him next! 


    Gaming News

    Tarkov update released and global character wipe

    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection FREE on the Epic Games Store

    Command and Conquer Remastered Collection out June 5th - Pre-Order available on Steam


    INTREP CoverPhoto Credit - @Mittens "We killed two groups and extracted." To see some of Mitten's exploits in Tarkov check out his Youtube Channel!

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