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    Happy Christmas!

    By mrrbatty, in Website news, , 0 comments, 2,392 views
    It's been an interesting year of 2016 with FK being formed and becoming the community it is, and I have to say, I've seen a worse bunch of people come together to form a community!
    Okay... that's a lie. I really haven't. Fuck you all.
    Merry Christmas, I love you all. Or hate you. One of the two.
    Have a picture of .Ace feeling moderately festive. Some say he'll return in 2017. Or was it 2027? 


    Operation Rolling Thunder - Tigernos's Campaign

    By mrrbatty, in Missions, , 0 comments, 2,017 views
    The order has come to sweep West to East taking the towns of  Shakhovka Dolina and Solnichniy. Solnichniy is the main objective however the southern road has been mined, stopping the possibility of a direct assault. The towns to the west appear to be only lightly guarded so command has decided you must sweep through and assault Solnichniy from the West. 
    Calendar event here.

    Final Destination - Radio's Campaign

    By mrrbatty, in Missions, , 0 comments, 2,093 views
    After the partial succes last mission, we cut off Salah-Ansar's money income. Sadly he fled because one of our helis flew past his Villa and he instantly knew what's coming. The good thing is he has not enough money left to get out of the country, so we narrowed his possible position down to 3 towns in the north west of Clafghan. We know that he spent his last cash on more troops and vehicles, we don't think we have to expect heavy equipment as he wouldn't have enough budget for it. So expect BTRs, Uaz and transport trucks. You HAVE to get him this time or else he's gone forever, so act fast and smart and try to take Salah-Ansar alive.
    Calendar event here.

    Valleys and Mountains "Tigernos's Campaign"

    By Katla_Haddock, in Missions, , 0 comments, 1,671 views
    Following the successful capture of Kamyshovo and resupply of essential AT supplies, the order has come down to push North.
    Push North and capture the following; Three Valleys, Msta, Staroye.
    Scripted/Zeus mission by Tigernos

    Operation Salah-Ansar

    By Lenny, in Missions, , 0 comments, 2,296 views
    After we killed both Abdul-Bari and Al-Rahim we now move on to the last Member of the Atar Family. Salah-Ansar is the first born child and is the leader of the Atar Syndicate, he has control over the Villages along the river.

    Most of his Money comes from dealing drugs and weapons, aswell as extortion of the civilians in the area. We know that Al-Rahim was delivering his drugs to the drug stashes inside the town of Ovallestan, we also found some intel about an ongoing drug deal in the middle of the city. 

    Finally the Afghanistan goverment asked us for help in the town of Yanotabir, where a troops from Salah-Ansar are trying to take over the local police station in an attemp to free some prisoners and they need help in the town of Scarzirah where they spotted an execution camp of Salah-Ansar.
    Scripted mission by radio. Part 3 of his campaigns
    Comment on the Calendar (link above) for your preferred specialized role if you have the required experience. Normal roles will be filled as usual in the Arma Start Room.

    Meeting Minutes 03/12/2016

    By mrrbatty, in Website news, , 0 comments, 2,355 views
    Greybeard and Monkeh have stepped down due to both needing to focus on their personal work. You can read Monkeh's post here.
    You can read the full report here.
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